My first post on blogger!

Hello! I have moved from Tumblr to Blogger! I haven't been blogging long whatsoever, just a few posts on my Tumblr blog! I follow lots of different fashion and beauty blogs and almost ninety nine percent of these blogs are hosted by blogger. Blogger is so much more user friendly and I realised this literally after two blog posts in on Tumblr, so I have moved! I am totally new to blogger and I am just finding my way around! It was a lot easier to set up my layout and template on tumblr which is why my blog here is looking horribly bare! I am completely new to this but really want to give it a go so I hope you enjoy!


  1. get yourself a follow button so people can follow your blog via google accounts which is what most people do 8) go on layout, add a gadget and get the 'followers' one :) xx

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :) love your blog already, looking forward to see some more of your posts.
    I'm pretty new to the blogging world too, so stop by and say hi at my blog if you like :)

    Maddie xx

  3. Hello! love your blog! I've just started blogging too can't wait to see some more of your posts!

    Amy xxx

    1. Thank you!! Great decision, you'll love it, I'm already wondering what I did before I started blogging and I've only been 10 days or so! I'll be sure to check out your blog!


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