NOTD - White Glitter Fade

Hi Girls! Just a quick Nails of the Day post today!
I love to paint my nails but never have the time anymore since I've been away from the house and working! I have so many nail varnishes it is unreal and I recently added this white Barry M nail polish to my collection. I love white nails but my mum said I'd looked like I had tip-exed them last time so this time I thought they needed a touch of something else therefore I used a technique glitter polish I bought a while ago to glam them up a bit! This technique nail polish was about £1.99 and I bought it as I couldn't afford the O.P.I Muppets Rainbow Connection polish and thought this was a decent dupe! 
Just some brief feedback of the nail polishes, the Barry M polish has a great pigment and only takes two coats to build up a strong colour and we all know how great Barry M polishes are for the price so need I say more!? As for the Technique nail polish,  I bought it in Body Care a very long while back now and it is also great however if you're looking to build up a very glittery nail with no patches, this takes a lot of coats, it is do-able but maybe not advisable because then it takes ages to dry!

How do you feel about white nails? Have you used any the O.P.I Muppets Collection?


  1. i don't usually like white nails because i think they look 'tip-exy' but these look gorgeous with the sparkles!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! its really easy to do if you get your hands on these nail polishes or something similar, they are such a reasonable price!

  3. Yay finally a really cool and effective nail art design which I will be able to copy :P please do more easy ones for people like me!
    Newest follower x

    1. Thank you I'm glad you like it! I love nail art but I really am a novice so expect many very easy nail art designs to come!

  4. Stunning, why didn't I think of this sooner? Must try it with Rainbow Connection!

    1. Thank you! I find using a chunky glitter polish is a lot easier than trying to use actual glitter which can be such a mess and you get the same effect, maybe even better!

  5. oh i have the same glitter nail varnish and never thought about painting them this way. love you blog.



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