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I started my new job as a Nuclear Trainee on September 3rd and have been waiting for my first full time pay check ever since! Finally it came, five weeks worth of wages, on October 5th and the first thing I wanted to do was hit the shops! On payday Topshop had 20% student discount (I'm studying at college as part of my traineeship one day a week) so I was so enticed into spending loads but when I got to the local Topshop I was pretty dissapointed and just bought basics, jeans and a t-shirt, knowing I had booked a shopping trip to Liverpool the following weekend! I have literally barely any of my wage left and I received over £1000 pay this month, OOPS.

So here's where all that money has gone (probably also on all the eating out I am obsessed with as well)...


Khaki T-Shirt Dress - £16

Vintage Skinny Baxter Jeans - £40
Helltown T-Shirt - £22
Chelsea Boots - £75

Lips in Sartorial - £8.00

I definitely spent the most in Topshop. I've been looking for some nice chelsea boots for ages and I thought these were so nice with a small heel for winter! Also I'm loving the Khaki trend at the moment and having already purchased a shirt in this colour from New Look and loving it, I had to have this casual T-shirt dress! I didn't notice when I bought it but the dress has a slit on each side up to the hip so im going to have to wear jeans or a skirt with this one! I have just run out of alipstick that I wore daily by Rimmel in shade 030 Tell No One and I'm sure its been discontinued so I needed to find a suitable replacement for the day time and I thought this shade was perfect, I'm excited to try some Topshop make-up!


Blazer - £35
Shirt - £20
Playsuit - £40

So me and my mum decided to take a trip to Barrow (our closest shopping center) so she could buy a coat and I ended up buying all these things in River Island much to my mums encouragement! I haven't had a chance to wear the playsuit yet and I can't wait to wear it and finally I've bought some heels to go with it from Primark! I like to buy things now that are suitable for work as well as outside of work so I thought the shirt and blazer were perfect!

Khaki Shirt - £16.99

 I don't usually find many things I like in New Look apart from the odd cardigan or jumper but I found this and had to have it as it was exactly what I had been looking for! I'd been wanting a casual khaki shirt but could only find chiffon styles in Topshop and other stores so it was perfect! I love it, it looks nice and fits well! (Those are my Topshop jeans from my earlier post).

Leather look Waterfall Cardigan - £29.99
Studded Trousers - £39.99

Aside from a T-shirt I bought ages ago I have never shopped at Zara before because I usually shop in Manchester and don't like the Zara store there however the Liverpool store was brill! Everything looked so gorgeous and classy and I now have my eye on some bold printed pants for next payday (already..). I saw a jacket in River Island that I liked a while back but now it is sold out and this cardigan is very similar also I thought both these pieces would be suitable for both in and out of work so a good buy! 


Bag - £8.00
Leapord Print Sheer Top - £7.00
Boucle Jacket - £10.00
Studded Pumps - £10.00
Heels - £18.00
Underwear - £7.00 (Bra) £3.00 (Briefs)

I really didn't want to go into Primark, don't get me wrong I love Primark who doesn't, but my boyfriend hates it and I feel for him haha. It is always seriously busy and such a mess and you really have to root around to find some good buys, but it is so cheap and I knew there would be some really nice shoes waiting for me that weren't going to break the bank! Low and behold there was and I love them! I really want some Jeffrey Campbells but with everything I have bought this month I definitely cannot afford them so they are on next months wishlist , I thought these Primark copies were a good substitute! I found these other little gems on my way up three floors (!!!) to the shoe section, how gorgeous is the underwear set!?


These are some other bits I picked up this month. Firsty I am ashamed to say I went into Tesco and spent £11.00 on magazines in one go, I don't how justifiable that is but I did get a free Benefit Sunbeam highlighter after seeing it in a post on Cosmetic Crave . I've been wanting the Naked 2 palette and finally I have it, it is perfect for the office or for a night out and perfect for me as I like natural make up during the day but it is easy to build up for the evening! I was drawn into buying the Barry M nail polish as it was marketed Gelly Nail Paint which is meant to be super shiny to give you the expensive manicured look for cheap (and also it matched my playsuit). However I don't think it's much shinier than normal nail polishes and it chips quite easily!

So that's where my first paycheck has dissapeared to and I'm pretty sure there will be no more spending this month, I just need to get through the next two weeks now before my next payday when I'm hitting Newcastle for some more shopping with the girls!
Am I the only one who spends their wage within the first two weeks on clothes and make up?


  1. I think you might have taken 'treating yourself' to a wholeeee new level! I love that topshop lipstick and new look shirt :) and aww you mentioned my blog - thank you :D xx

    1. I know I am in the £100's now for the rest of the month and already planning my next shopping trip at the end of the month but I feel a bit guilty now! I know because you're blog is so good and it does so well, I feel silly blogging to nobody! xxx

  2. wow,Great Blog!

    Livvy x
    Twitter: @ATWAK

  3. I loveeee your Primark buys! I had that jacket in my hand the other day but the endless queues put me off on my lunch break! The pumps and heels are gorge.

  4. I didn't even know Primark had sales but the jacket was on sale for £10 from £18 bargain! I think it looks quite expensive when its on as well, like more of a zara purchase! Yeah I almost didn't go in at all, hate the queues and how busy it is but knew I could find some gems somewhere!



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