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I know this probably won't affect many people as perms aren't very popular these days but I read so many reviews on perms and ignored them so here's hoping you don't ignore mine!!
I need to say I have no idea what perm solution my hair dresser used so its rather difficult to review this specifically yet I want to make people aware of my experience. I feel like I was probably a fool when I went about getting a perm, my dads wife is a hairdresser and told me it would be a mistake if I did it but I was determined of having gorgeous curls after I saw Anne Hathaway's hair in Love and Other Drugs and I thought I knew best!! 
So, I went to the hairdressers and told them I wanted my hair perming, I was really nervous as when you think of a perm you just think of old ladies and I thought they would laugh at me! The hairdresser was concerned as to how much bleach I had applied onto my hair as perming solution is highly concentrated and could cause serious damage in conjuction with bleach. I had bleached the ends of my hair a few months earlier going for the ombre look, so I told my hairdresser that’s all the bleach that was on my hair ends. My hairdresser told me I wouldn't just wake up with beautifully curly hair, it would need styling and that I would need the bleach cutting out for it to be healthy and I booked the appointment.
I asked the hairdresser for the biggest perming rolls possible to be used on my hair as I wanted big curls she said the ones she was using were fine, after putting in the rollers she then moved on to cut somebody elses hair and asked one of the trainees to continue. The trainee then put the perming solution on my hair and left me for about an hour, after this she washed the perming solution out. My hairdresser told the trainee to use the hottest water I could stand and wash it really well so all of the solution was out before they used the neutralizer on the perm. The rest was pretty boring, they took the rollers out and my hairdresser blow dried it, I didn’t want her to use mousse so she set it in big rollers and I went on my way.
I wasn’t told about any aftercare really the hairdresser just said I would need to curl it or it would just dry wavy, I read online that I shouldn’t wash it for a while so I didn’t. After I did wash it I found it was SO DRY and so hard to manage it was frizzy and patches of my hair were still poker straight I was so unhappy. I phoned Julie and she told me to go straight back so I went in and they booked an appointment straight away. The hairdresser said she had had concerns that my hair was too heavy for the perm to bounce so she said she would cut some more off it after looking at it she also offered to perm it again but the condition was so bad that I said no and she gave me a £30 refund as the perm itself cost me £65 and I do think this was good customer service on the hairdressers behalf.
After the perm
A few weeks later I discovered there were really tiny tufts of broken/burnt hair all over my head! Since then its grown and everyday I have to compensate for the broken tufts which stick out everywhere and I’m so self conscious of them! I used to wear  my hair in a ponytail or a ballerina bun all the time but now I have to pin tufts up everywhere or even when somebody takes a photo I wonder if there’s a tuft poking out at the front! My hair was always really resilient and mostly healthy so I was never expecting that to happen. 
I know this post is so long but there is so much involved! I just want to make people aware of how much this has affected my hair! I would advise anybody who wanted to go for a perm to really think about it as my hair is a lot thinner, hard to manage and had broken tufts everywhere! I don't blame my hairdresser it was my own fault and like I said her customer service was good.
My 'sideburn' of broken hair.
Yes this looks like a fringe gone wrong but it isn't, finally its growing out!
The worst of the breakages.

My hair now, you can just see on the left those strands
which are the broken bits of hair.
Has anybody else had a similar hair experience? 


  1. You poor thing!

    I have to say though, when I was just looking at your other posts before I came across this one I was thinking what lovely hair you have! :) Your style's awesome too btw. Given your blog a follow! xx

  2. I'm just glad they're growing out now and are easier to hide and pin away! Thank you so much! I've just been over to your blog, beautiful photos from Nice!


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