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Hi girls! First of all I want to apologize, I know I'm becoming a bit of a weekend blogger but by the time I'm coming home from work and finding time to blog it's pitch black (rubbish photos) and too late at night! The reason I haven't posted this haul until now is because I've been waiting for some of the products to arrive in the post and some have been later than others. I bought every single one of these products over the weekend after my payday (wed 31st Oct) but spread out over two days as I bought some in the shops and ordered some the next day online. Instead of following the usual haul format, I decided to group the products into category, e.g. nail, beauty skincare, instead of from where I bought them. If you don't like photo heavy blog posts TURN AWAY NOW! 

 Nail Products
Barry M Chameleon Nail Paint in Blue - Superdrug
Models own polishes - Red Red Wine, Golden Green, Dancing Queen
MUA Nail Constellation in Libra
Caviar Nails in Black & Gold Nail Studs - eBay

Dancing Queen 

Golden Green
Red Red Wine

Black Caviar Nail Beads

Gold Nail Art Studs

I'm pretty nail art obsessed which is crazy considering I don't own a single nail art tool and usually end up with substandard nails because of it, I'm planning on investing in some pens and dotters soon but for now I think I've bought enough!! I've wanted some Models Own nail polish for absolutely ages so I just took the plunge and order three bottles as they do an offer of three for £12, offers really reel me in, I am the ultimate consumer! So glad I picked the colours I did, how Christmassy are they! Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy! The Red Red Wine is beautiful and super glossy and I absolutely love the Golden Green - they're all beautiful, I could go on about them all day but I won't! On the swatches I've just swatched 2 very thin coats as I was rushing to take all these pictures before it was dark, they are beautiful quality, have a small brush excellent for presicion and are highly pigmented, I would definitely recommend!
I nipped into Superdrug after work last Friday and picked up a few things, there was a 3 for 2 offer on all beauty products so I grabbed a Collection 2000 concealer that I've been after for a while that everyone has been raving about - it is brilliant, I am planning on doing a full review soon - some magical Barry M polish - watch this space - and some MUA Constellation beads, if you want to see a NOTD where I used the MUA beads and Barry M polish, you can see that  here! In a buying frenzy I also took to eBay looking for some nail art studs and bought some black Caviar beads and some square gold studs, although they were cheap and arrived very quickly, I would recommend heading over to Topshop for nail studs as they have a whole selection of them in one product :)!!!


Skin care from Superdrug

Whilst I was in Superdrug I also picked up this Neutrogena facial scrub and the Clean & Clear deep action facial wipes! Face wipes actually make me break out slightly but on the nights where I'm a bit drunk or feeling lazy these are good for getting rid of make up, however I didn't realise they weren't make up wipes as I was in a rush and they stung my eyes like CRAZY, oh my god, like you wouldn't believe, my left eye was swollen, angry red and watering like mad - WORD OF WARNING - avoid your eyes, (it does say this on the back of the packet but I didn't read it... who does at 9pm at night!) The Neutrogena Visibly Clear scrub is brilliant I'm in love already and I've only been using it a week, I'm definitely going to review it in full soon! Both of these products were supposed to be on a two for £4.99 offer but when I got to the till they weren't BOO, so they cost me about £9 in total. 
Cosmetics Haul - MAC, Collection 2000, Benefit, Topshop
 Arg I think I went a bit wild! I had a huge list of things I really wanted - more of a wishlist - but I got greedy and just bought myself it all, I am feeling extremely guilty now but not so much when I get to put all these beautiful products on! I consider these 'essentials' now but maybe that's just me trying to justify all this money spent on myself... I basically just bought the most positively reviewed products that I was looking for.
I think it'd be easier to list these products so here goes - 

Collection 2000 Concealer - I saw this in one of Lilys (llymlrs) videos where she claimed it was as good as the top brands - it is great!

Topshop Crescent Moon Highlighter - Don't get me wrong I love Benefit High Beam/Sun Beam but as I prefer a more matte look I thought a powder highlighter would be better for me. I haven't used this much yet just a couple of times so will review at a later date. I bought this after seeing it on Kayleighs blog (couture girl) and she tweeted me saying it was on par with Nars Albatross so I ordered that using my 10% student discount  - £9, NICE!

Benefit Browzings - Ireally needed something to fill in my eyebrows but didn't want to use a 
pencil as personally I find them too harsh, I absolutely love this set it's brilliant, the pigmented wax works wonders - full review to follow soon!

Benefit They're Real - Another hailed beauty product - the most popular mascara in the world! I can see why, the applicator wand is fantastic and you don't get too much product on the brush at one time, again - full review to follow.

MAC Satin Lipstick in M.A.C Red - I've only used this once as it only arrived in the post on Thursday however it is so nice, it's such a full, classic red colour which is highly pigmented and very moisturizing, one of the best lipsticks I have ever used! 

MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black - I read some mixed reviews about this but decided to take the plunge. The applicator brush is brilliant, you can get such a precise line. However first impressions are it's quite a watery colour so you have to build the colour, saying that I experienced no smudging when I usually get loads!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - I literally ran into Body Care on my lunch on tuesday and picked up this bad boy on my lunch for £5.99 which I think is a bargain. I have been using Dream Matte Mousse foundation because I was originally using L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation and I really didn't like it, it was oily and made me break out big time, so whilst I was totally skint picked up Dream Matte Mousse in ASDA for a fiver to soak up the extra oil on my face during the day and not create more! You may be a make up snob, we all can be, but Dream Matte Mousse stays on up to 8 hours, most foundations never do on me, doesn't break me out and provides decent coverage so say all you wish, the reason I decided to swap to Wake Me Up was because the colour Dream Matte Mousse I picked up was totally wrong for me and was too orange/dark, when I used a sample from a magazine of Wake Me Up the shade 200 - Soft Beige was absolutely perfect for me and went on like a dream, making me realise what I was missing, I'm not missing anymore.

Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon

MAC Satin Lipstick in M.A.C Red

TOTAL SPEND..... Approx £127 ahhh I feel pain
Okay so clearly I have spending issues... I'm now skint with a trip to Manchester booked for the 17th of November and no money, but I have all these lovely products ahhhhhh

Have you ever used any of these products?  What do you think of them?


  1. I'm green with envy right now. I love Model's Own.

  2. Brow Zings is AMAZING! loving the cute new anchors! xxx

    1. awww thank you! yeah I know, it's like... where were you all my life!

  3. Don't feel too bad, I've done heftier hauls than this I don't even have a job to justify it! blogging is bad for the bank balance no doubt about it!!! as if Wake Me Up is only £5.99 in body care! I paid about £9 for it in boots - feel so ripped off :( xxx

    1. haha aw yeah someone told me it was on sale in body care so I was straight there, they sell lots of rimmel so check there first if you wan't anything rimmel!
      My bank balance is almost non - existent now!

  4. The crescent moon highlighter looks gorgeous - same goes for the mac lipstick, awesome haul!! x

    1. They really are! Thank you! I'll be reviewing both some time soon so have a check back :)


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