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Hey girls, yes indeed, this is a first midweek post in a long time! Sorry I know it's terrible but with nightschool and work and living away from home I haven't found the time, well this excuse is NO more and here I am! 

I have a bit of a different post for you today and to be honest, I'm really excited to write it! I popped into my local ASDA superstore last week to pick up a pizza after work (I was feeling lazy, can I say this? errrm usually this is what I do most days) and just found myself floating through the clothes section - as you do - I mean, what girl doesn't have a wander through the clothes section when you're doing the food shopping!? Anyway, what I noticed was ASDA has some really great pieces in it's Autumn/Winter collection and I just really wanted to share this in case you're not like me and you don't have time to check out the clothes section!

Firstly, just take a look at the above photo, I love all three of those dresses for a Christmas party especially your office's Christmas do', personally I love the dress on the furthest right, I think it's gorgeous and bang on trend - to me the dress looks like such a flattering shape and is on trend with the metallic finish.  Also in the Party Glam collection, just to name a few because there's tons of lovely stuff, are the ones I've picked out below. I'd seriously consider checking out the website if you're looking for a bargain as most of these dresses are coming in at £10-£20!

Left to Right - All pieces from ASDA
PU Panel Dress - £16
Metallic Ponte Dress - £14
Baroque Print Midi Dress - £10
Lace Tassle Dress - £14
Lace Illusion Dress - £18
Ladies, how gorgeous are these dresses? Everything is on trend for winter - leather look, metallics, illusion dresses, lace, fringing, baroque.. yum!

These dresses are just a selection of lovely dresses over on the ASDA website, I suggest you pop over and take a look if you like what you see, I'm completely gobsmacked that the Baroque Midi dress which is so on trend is only £10 so if you have spent all you money on Xmas prezzies and didn't think you could afford to look glam well now you can!

I spied some other nice casual wintery items if you need to update your winter wardrobe or are thinking Christmas gifts, again I've picked out a selection of the winter items I love below. 

Left to Right - All pieces from ASDA
Eyelash Knit Jumper - £16
Checked Shirt - £14
Studded Cross Jumper (also available in Khaki) - £16
Biker Jacket - £28
Wine Shirt - £14
Biker Jacket - £25
T-Shirt - £8

Whilst in ASDA I spotted a number of these things and then had a browse of their site and spied a couple more. I love all these things and they are so cheap! My favourite thing here without a doubt is the Black Eyelash Knit Jumper, I saw it in store it is GORGEOUS and so soft and fluffy, I need to purchase!

What do you think of George at ASDA for clothing? Will you be having a browse for a Christmas Bargain?

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