OOTN - Casual Autumn

Jumper - American Apparel (gift)
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop £75
Scarf/Pashmina - Turkey (gift)
Shirt (worn underneath jumper) - New Look

Evening Ladies! How is your weekend going? I love weekends! Tonight I'm planning on making myself a curry (just finished that), watching crappy Tv and drinking wine, I cannot wait - perfect night in if you ask me! 
Can I just apologise for how awkward I look in these photos, I got my younger brother who is 17 to take these photos of me at my front door in the garden - so yeah, awkward! - it was a quick one too as I was running very late! Not sure why I took off my beautiful scarf for most of the photos, but hey ho, can't change it now!
Today I'm just posting a quick OOTD, I went to meet my dad in town and thought considering its now autumn (as you can definitely tell from the brown leaves in the photos) I wanted to be really snug and warm! I opted for my fisherman style AA jumper that my boyfriend bought for me last Christmas, it's a really chunky wool knit that is just soooooo comfy! For a bit of extra warmth I wore my khaki New Look shirt underneath & teamed it all with my trusty high waisted Topshop jeans that I wear all the time and have had for at least two years (they just don't fade) and my new Topshop Chelsea Boots - ahhhh so comfortable!

As a side note - my hair has been so manageable today, it's been a dream, I think it may be to do with a change in shampoo and an added extra in the hair routine of Amargan Oil mmmm!

Are you an autumn lover? Have a fab weekend girlies :)


  1. The colours on that scarf are gorgeous. Lovely outfit :)
    Enjoy your evening xx


  2. aww thankyou! I know, Pashmina's from abroad are always to die for!

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! Your scarf is gorgeous xo

    1. Hey, thank you, I'm glad you like it! I know I'm so lucky my friend bought it for me from Turkey!

  4. Really like the simple winteryness of this outfit :) Great post!



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