Ciate Mini Mani Month | Update 2

Hello! Today I am bringing you a second Ciate Mini Mani Month Update, yes it's a bit late sooo no it's not really a weekly update anymore so I thought I would just be sneaky and take the 'weekly' out of the name. Here are the next seven nail varnishes following on from the seven in my previous post that you can see here. Yes it's a little behind considering the calendar finishes tomorrow but soon I will be bringing you the final installment of Mini Mani Month updates which will contain the last 10 nail varnishes... I hope that's right... 7+7+10... = 24? Ex-maths A-Level student talking here ha!

Ok so moving on to the actual post, above you can see the next 7 nail varnishes that I have found behind each door daily. Again there is a range of wonderful colours and a few christmassy ones which I'm pleased about! So I'm just going to list the seven polishes below, I've tried to keep them in order but I did get a little muddled up with them so I may not be right with the days but they are in order with the above picture from left to right - 

Day 8 - Cabaret 
Day 9 - Mistress 
Day 10 - Ladylike Luxe 
Day 11 - Caviar Pearls - Bumble bee
Day 12 - Glass Slipper
Day 13 - Twilight
Day 14 - Speed Dial

Another Caviar Pearls, I love these, they look great and the handy little funnel you get makes applying the pearls so much easier. I have swatched all of these colours for you below, I apologize that many of these photos are slightly out of focus unfortunately which I am rather embarrassed about but I no longer have the opportunity to photograph these again.

So these are the next seven in the Ciate Mini Mani Month, after having a browse on Ciate's website I have noticed that a lot of shades from the Ciate Mini Mani Month are sold out such as the Twilight shade which is the black polish with flecks of gold, I'm pleased I have my hands on these polishes as they are all so versatile and I can do so much with them. My favourite from that week has to be Twilight, here's a NOTD using Twilight and Bumble Bee....

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite Ciate shades and what nails will you be wearing this Christmas?

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