Ciate Mini Mani Month - Weekly Update 1

Hi Ladies! As you will know if you saw my last post, my boyfriend bought me the Ciate Mini Mani Month as part of my Christmas present this year. I know lots of these posts are floating around but I thought I would do a weekly update on the calendar as I've decided to stick to opening a door every day and resisting the temptation to open more than I'm allowed! 

So as of today I have opened 7 doors which means brand new seven nail polishes, doesn't it? Well, not quite, as on my fourth day I received my first Ciate Caviar mini, this one is Prom Queen. I didn't expect this to have big sequins in it but it does and just adds to that glam feel, love it!

The first picture of all the nail varnishes I've got from the calendar so far is in no particular order but the following two are in order from Day 1 - Day 7, so I'll go in order from left to right...

1. Cupcake Queen 011
2. Dangerous Affair 013
3. Halo 089
4. Caviar Pearls - Prom Queen
5. Caberet 064
6. Angel Wings 090
7. Cutie Pie 026

I'm going to be honest now and say some days I opened a door and was mildly dissapointed as I felt like that was a nail varnish I would never buy myself however I was totally wrong. I'm so glad the product includes a range of different types of polishes as for example - 'Halo' - I didn't think I would like it but I love it, it keeps catching the light and looking beautiful, it's a kind of iridescent shiny polish that reminds me of the Models Own Wonderland collection - ergo perfect for winter and Christmas. 

I'm sorry that on the pictures you can't see the lighter polishes very well. 'Angel Wings' is a beautiful pearl polish and 'Cutie Pie'  is a light pink that reminds me of a french manicure base. Another Favourite of mine is Caberet, I can't wait to wear this mauve coloured polish tomorrow with my new midi dress.

In terms of Ciate polishes - I've never used them before but I am impressed, at first I was concerned because when I used my first polish (Cupcake Queen) there were a few rogue bristles on the brush pointing upwards and out but thankfully so far none of my other polishes have been like this. Ciate polish drys really quickly which is something I'm pleased about because I hate that feeling of not being able to do anything at all whilst your nails dry! 

I'd recommend buying Ciate Mini bottles as they are a great size (barely mini) so that you'll get good use out of them if you're anything like me and have so many nail polishes you never get to finish a bottle before it goes off! 

What's everybody's favourite polish so far in the Mini Mani Month?
 Is everybody excited for Christmas? Personally I can't wait!!


  1. SO jealous of this, it looks amazing! And if you add up theprices of the individual polishes, definitely worth the money! xo

    1. Definitely! They're all great quality too and some only need two coats for a opaque finish!


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