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Hello girlies! I realised yesterday whilst wondering where all my wages have gone - aside from on Christmas presents - that this month, although I made a decision to not go on a huge spending spree, I have still managed to accumulate lots of new things... so obviously the choice to not buy things for myself this December didn't really work. I thought I would do a mini haul post as they seem to be one of the more popular posts on my blog. As you can see above this month I've bought a couple of items of clothes and a few beauty things, this is because I've been mainly buying things I wanted myself for others as Christmas presents. Anything I don't get for Christmas that I wanted I plan on buying in the new year.  

This 'Twist and Out' nail polish remover is an absolute gem. I love having my nails painted but if they chip in any way I will sit and pick off all the nail varnish I can and then I seriously can't be bothered getting out my nail polish remover and using possibly the worst cotton pads ever made (they just break up like crazy) to remove my nail varnish - hence my love for this product, you can even use it on the go! You just shove your finger into the cross cut in the sponge inside that is soaked in nail polish remover and give it a twist and hey presto - polish free nail! This was 99p from Body Care.

I don't think this product needs any introduction. I ordered this from eBay (two for £12.95 250ml)  last week and I've used it twice since it arrived and yes, I do love it. I want to know if I drank this product would it taste like water? Haha that sounds crazy but it smells and feels like water so I'm wondering if it tastes like it... I like this because I can be incredibly lazy when it comes to skin care but the flip cap (which I love because I always lose lids) is easy and you just squirt some onto a cotton pad and its as efficient as using a make up wipe however it's not fragranced and it doesn't leave my face tacky like make up wipes do. 

This is a Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I bought the stick in shade 2 - Sand from Selfridges on Thursday after seeing the sticks on Hannah Mags blog  which can be found here. I decided to follow Hannah's advice and get two Bobbi Brown sticks in a lighter and a darker shade - one of these is on my Christmas list (the darker one - shade 3 - Beige ) so I don't have it yet. I've used this now everyday since I have bought it and I think it's my favourite foundation I've tried yet. The reason for that is the texture of the foundation - it's in a stick so I used a foundation brush to apply it - I find application slightly more difficult than when using a liquid foundation as the stick is obviously slightly harder so more difficult to apply. However, a little goes a long way with this and it looks extremely natural - one thing I really don't like about this however is that it smells like wax crayons..

I bought this shampoo for £10 in my local factory shop where I wouldn't expect to find it. Usually I'm a 'use whatever is in the shower' kind of girl but when my mum came home with Pantene, I was too scared of silicone overload to use it more than once and I went out and got my own. This was £10 for 750ml which I think is about the average retail price online, I'm unsure but I think this product may have been discontinued. If this product has been discontinued I'm not sure why because I love it. This shampoo smells exactly like Blackpool rock - minty but sweet and my hair feels super clean when I use this.

Whilst in Manchester on Thursday I popped into Lush to very quickly buy a gift for my friend and I was in a rush, at the side of the till I spotted these hair masks, as again I was in a rush I picked up the mask which said it was moisturizing without really looking over any of the other masks or taking note of the samples which were on display. I felt like I kind of knew by the name that this was going to smell dodgy and it does - it smells very strongly of cloves amongst other odd smells but I kind of got used to it after a while. Another thing I didn't like about this mask was the texture when I was applying it with my hands - it was kind of freaking me out. But not one to be put off by the texture of something, I applied it anyway, I'm glad I did because my hair was really soft and super super shiny after applying this mask - I left it on for about an hour and after I'd washed it as normal the smell of the mask was toned down and kind of nice. I think it's an acquired smell. My favourite thing about this mask is that it's all natural and there's no silicone in sight.

Whilst walking through town on Friday in the rain, my very wet feet became ever wetter when the heel of my shoe came off. My shoes were flat loafers but never the less after the hell had gone I may as well of been splashing around in puddles in bare feet. So the next day, as I only had that pair of shoes with me, I went into town and bought some new shoes - unfortunately they didn't have the pair of Chelsea boots I loved in Topshop in my size - so I settled for these from River Island. Although I'm not the biggest fan of red and black, I don't mind these and I'm hoping they'll grow on me - plus, they were only £30.

Okay, I was Christmas shopping and I may have told a teeny tiny fib that I was looking in River Island for my stepmum but let's be honest I saw this jacket I've been after for ages in the window of the store and knew I was going in to get it - it's been sold out for ages but now I own it and I'm happy.

This plain white tee is now possible my favourite piece of clothing ever. I am a sucker for really nice essentials such as nice coloured t-shirts and vests and will pay pretty much any price (within some kind of reason) for a staple piece. This is cotton and it's kind of bobbly and so soft and it reminds be of something a baby grow would be made from. It's comfortable and fits really nice to cover up the fact that I maybe have put on about 8 - 10 pounds in weight... never mind it's winter. This was £18 from Topshop.

 I desperately needed something to wear to the Warehouse Project and giving that I hadn't brought anything with me, this needed to be found in Manchester that day. I feel a bit meh about this skirt, I don't love it but I don't dislike it and it was the only black thing I could find to go with the pants I had picked in my frantic shopping. I suppose this will be fine for work!

I don't care what you're thinking, I love these cigarette pants. I'm currently pondering over how the hell I'm going to style them but I love them so any advice is welcome. I was slightly put off by the fact that when I tried on my usual size 10, they were skin tight like a cross between leggings and skinny jeans and I know these pants are not supposed to be like that. So I had a bit of a girl moment in Topshop and stood in the mirror in the changing room and thought hmmm I'm fat and these pants will never flatter me, I know a size 12 is a perfectly fine size but I did have a mini mental meltdown that a 10 wouldn't fit but I tried a 12 on never the less and they looked really nice and actually as a 12 they're really comfy so whatever, embrace buying the bigger size. 

So this is a relatively small haul compared to other hauls I've done myself and I've seen on other blogs but I love every beauty product I've bought! Any advice on styling those difficult tartan pants is very welcome! Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


  1. I loooove that cardigan and boots! My wishlist is currently about 10 years long... xo

    1. Mine always is too, but the problem with me is I almost always buy everything I want with my wages, leaving me completely skint and unable to practically live haha! I'm a bit of an impulse buyer and I know that probably irritates people but I work for it!


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