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Hello lovelies, I'm feeling slightly fragile today (again! do I start every post like this?) after being at Soulwaxmas at the Warehouse Project last night, it was wicked 2manydjs were so good! Anyway something I wanted to share with you all was a photo diary of the baby shower my friend, Emily & I threw for our heavily pregnant friend Katie. I realise a baby shower is quite an American thing but we wanted to host a party where we could get everybody together and give gifts to Katie as sometimes we all struggle to find a suitable time to see each other.

About 2 weeks before the date of the baby shower, Emily & I realised maybe we should start planning this thing and ordering things off the internet. I had a sneaky look on Pinterest to see what other people were doing for their baby showers and I must say American's do like to go all out don't they! I wanted to make the invitations myself as I love a chance to get a bit crafty and creative - I think they turned out ok but I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that so I can't say I was entirely happy with them, but I had limited time and materials so at least something got done! 

We decided in the end to theme the baby shower a bit like a tea party, as we don't know the sex of the baby we tried to get equal amounts of blue and pink sweets and we baked some cakes, marshmallow squares and cake pops. We ordered some really cute and kitch bunting for really cheap and put that around the room, it looked super cute.

Honestly, we both ran around our houses and the Range hunting for anything that was glass that we could put sweets and everything else in, so we ended up with crisps in jars haha. I really enjoyed it and I think everybody else did too as we played a few games such as 'guess the celebrity from their baby photo' and the like and had a bit of a laugh. 

Sorry about how weird I look in that photo, that's Emily, Katie and I, I was wearing my new Topshop dress which will feature in my haul post which I plan on posting this weekend! 

Hope you have some good things planned for the weekend now X Factor is over and you don't have as much of an excuse anymore to not join your friends for some mulled wine because it's cold! Haha, Have a great weekend :)


  1. This all looks gorgeous and I love the sweets and oreos in the old fashioned sweet shop jars! So cute. You must be a lovely friend to have xo

    1. Thank you!! It was great but I think we made everyone a bit sick afterwards and had lots of left overs to munch on! We cobbled up most of the jars from around our houses but got the cute ones with the hearts on from The Range if you have one of those


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