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The very first thing I want to say is that this is in no way a sponsored post! This is just a quick small post about something I wanted to share with you all.
The concept of 'cash back' is relatively new and often seen on adverts for television or car deals but not completely explored or understood by many. I was firstly introduced to cash back by a friend who couldn't at all grasp how I could possibly spend so much of my wages on clothes and beauty products, he provided me with a link to a site online which is free to join with no membership or subscription fees, this site is Topcashback, (there's also an app).

I was completely taken aback by how much cash back I could earn by purchasing the things I would normally buy anyway when going through this site. My mum was incredibly sceptical when I advised her to join, stating it was a scam, but it isn't. Topcashback and other cash back providers work by generating traffic to websites, just like the kind you can view on the traffic tab of your blog, online stores such as The Body Shop, Debenhams, Benefit and many many more, pay Topcashback 'commission' for generating traffic to their sites when somebody makes a purchase and Topcashback pays you a cut of this.

I don't want to ramble on forever and bore you but even though I often forget to go through Topcashback I have managed to still make £25 on 3 purchases from places such as Schuh, Debenhams & Feel Unique, this is enough to buy a YSL lipstick, a MAC foundation, a NARS blusher, anything you want, so I'm pleased to have earned that money back off things I would usually buy. I usually use a beauty/loyalty card for places like Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams so when used in conjunction with Topcashback, I'm getting great rewards. 

There's no scam here and I wasn't sponsored for doing this post, I am just pleased to have been able to earn cashback from things I normally buy. It's a great way to save too, the cashback sits in your Topcashback account until you choose to withdraw it so you could leave it there and let it build up. 

Of course there are terms and conditions such as how many times you can withdraw during a certain period, etc. etc. but I think those are all fine for me. You can withdraw the money into your account via Paypal or other methods or you can choose an Amazon voucher for more cashback. 

Examples of beauty related participating stores are - 

The Body Shop - 16.16% Cashback
Feel Unique - 10.1% Cashback
Boots - 8.08% Cashback
Superdrug - 6.56% Cashback
Benefit - 7.07% Cashback
Debenhams - 3.03% Cashback
ASOS - 3.03% Cashback

These are just a selection of participating stores, usually what I do is do a search on the Topcashback site if I'm about to buy something and go through them if it comes up. I know some of these percentages seem low but they really do add up, especially if you're buying pricey make-up.

I know this seems like an odd post to do, but considering I feel like it's really beneficial to me, especially now I'm blogging and lusting after so many beauty products, I don't know why I wouldn't share! To sign up to Topcashback just google the name and go over to their site, alternatively you can follow this link -, which is my reference link as if you recommend a friend you receive £10 cashback. Honestly, I'm not doing this post looking for cashback for recommending people, think what you like, I just wanted to share, if you think I am, then don't follow my link just sign up through their site as normal. 

I hope at least some of you found this post useful! 


  1. Good to know, Thanks for this :)


  2. This sounds a great way to save money. Will take a look at it. Thanks for the post lovely :)

    Love Emily xx

  3. Hey, I got your link from the bbloggers chat. Really like your blog and I'm a new follower :)
    I joined this site years ago but hardly ever use it, I didn't know that so many beauty related sites were part of it so I'm so glad I've seen this and I'll definitely start using it again. Wish I'd have seen it two days ago though as I've just ordered stuff from boots.

    I'll be holding a giveaway on my blog from Feb 1st so feel free to check it out

  4. This sounds like a dream come true.


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