MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder | Review

Hello lovelies, today I am bringing you a quick review. I purchased the MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW20 at the beginning of November and have been using it even since. This powder retails for £20 in store but you may find it cheaper online.

I like to use a pressed powder to set my foundation after applying and then throughout the day to touch up my make up. What's good about a pressed powder is that it is portable, this one comes with a suede sponge and a mirror so it can be used on the go and also as a compact mirror for other make up touch ups as it is an ok size. I don't know what everybody else prefers but I like the suede sponge that is included as again, it can stay with the powder all the time and can be used on the go, also the sponge doesn't pick up too much powder, so there is minimal wastage and your face doesn't look too powdered.

MAC Select Sheer is great, I really prefer it to other powders I've used in the past, I know there's not much interesting about a powder really as there's only one thing you can do with it, but as far as this powder goes it ticks all the boxes. I don't like to look shiny as sometimes I find that this can end up looking greasy rather than looking like a dewy healthy glow. I tend to produce excess oil on my face through the day so this powder is great to apply to control shine but not mattify the face. I want my make up to look as natural as possible but for my skin to look good, what I like the most about this powder is that when applied it doesn't mattify the skin just sets the make up and kind of takes away just sheen leaving some glow because its a sheer powder. It has good longevity (for me, 4-5 hours before re applying) and reapplying really well, no patches or build up.

What are your favourite powders? Do you use powder? Have you used MAC Select Sheer?


  1. I have this powder, it's my favourite powder to date, I love that it's not too heavy or obvious!

    1. Exactly how I feel! You don't look too 'powdered' and it's very light but perfect!

  2. Need to try this!
    Your newest follower :)


    1. I'd recommend it!
      Thanks so much for following my blog, it means so much that you've enjoyed reading it!

  3. Aw thank you so much, thats a really great thing to hear!


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