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Hello lovely ladies, I hope you had a lovey New Year! Since I didn't really shop the sales this year - rather I just bought a couple of things on Christmas Eve in the sales, I didn't really get much shopping done, but I have seen every body elses sale hauls and I am jealous! I was been really lazy and didn't get round to getting myself a dress for New Year's Eve for a party at my friends so I was panicking trying to find something and I had to go to the closest local shops on New Year's Eve, last minute, with my fingers crossed at finding something - so here's what I bought whilst running around like a mad chicken! 
I spent New Years Eve with my friends at two different parties and then we headed into town, it really was a great New Year's Eve, everybody was in high spirits and enjoyed themselves, even if by the end of the night we had lost each other. I have decided not to do a post on my New Years resolutions as I don't have any I'd like to make because I know I won't stick to them.

This is the dress I wore, I know it looks very plain for New Year's Eve which is usually all glam and glitzy but I have a thing at the moment for monochrome, loose fitting clothes and seeing as I didn't want to wear anything  bodycon after too many roast dinners and Christmas chocolates, I thought it was perfect! Funnily enough I have purchased this dress once already but was so skint I had to return it, originally it was £30 from River Island but I got it for £12. It's a really nice fit its loose but tailered with a longer back to hide any leg woes! 

Above are the three necklaces I bought from Topshop to go with my dress to jazz it up a bit. I wore them all together to make a layered type of necklace, I had to take a chain off the plain gold two chain one as it tangled in the bag and the chain then got mishaped and kept rolling up but they all looked fine together. I'm not sure on the prices of these sorry as some were in the sale and they didnt come out at the price I was expecting. Before the sale they were £10, £7.50 and £7.50.

Yes, that is a lot of photo's of one lipstick. Yes I caved and went to Debenhams and spent £23.50 on a YSL lipstick but... why not! My excuse for this is that I spend that much on a Dominoes on a Tuesday and this lasts much longer, in any case, I have spent so much in Debenhams on beauty that I'd already earned over £10 in points since November so I only paid £13.50, yay!  I absolutely love the packaging, it's so luxurious. What's great about this lipstick is how pigmented it is, I have shade 12 - Forbidden Burgandy and it's a gorgeous pinky dark purple, however I'm sorry to pick at tiny things but I don't like the shape of it as it makes it difficult to apply to the cupids bow, so I applied it with a brush.

These pieces are both from Topshop. The black pinafore dress wasn't in the sale but I have seen it every time I have been in and I love it, so I had to buy it, but when I tried it on, I wasn't so sure, I may have to take it back and exchange it for a smaller size. 
As you can see the jumper below that was in the sale at about £13, I'm not sure what it's original retail price was, I really like it, it's a bit different and it's really comfy and warm, albeit a little bit see-through!

Yum, more shoes! Both of these pairs are from River Island and both were in the sale. My local Topshop's shoe collection is quite poor especially for heels, I think there were about two pairs if that. I really wanted a pair of shoes to jazz up my plain black dress but I have really wide feet and every shoe I tried on in River Island didn't fit my fatties.  The pink crocodile print peep toes have been in there for ages and probably been in the sale about 7 times but how nice are they, they were only about £25 so I can't complain... my feet might be a little bit wide for these but I plan to squeeze! 
How GORGEOUS are these gold sandal style heels? Honestly I saw them and had to have them, I realise they are quite summery but they were perfect for doing a little more for my New Year's Eve outfit and being quite different. I found it quite difficult to walk in heels which have absolutely no platform, it was totally weird but I liked that they were a little lower than my usual heels which brought me down to being about the same height as everyone else who had big heels on - at 5 feet 8 inches I sometimes tower over others! These were £70 reduced to £20, they just remind me of Beyonce, and who doesn't love Queen B!

I'm really sorry people but this is the only snap (except a few on Instagram) I got of me and my friend on NYE, I had an absolute disaster with control pants which was so funny haha, I didn't even need them in the dress but thought I'd wear them anyway as I bought them, the reason they're not in this post is because I destroyed them as I bought a size way too small and had to force my body into them and then had to cut my body out of them haha, oh the joys of being a woman! 

Here's my make up for the night too as the above picture is really rubbish and I look like I'm wearing none - this is my YSL lipstick, yum! Sorry for all the yums and stuff, I really am a lipstick freak.

I hope you all had a wonderful new year and I wish you all well in your resolutions for the year! 


  1. You certainly got alot!
    Love your excuse for splurging on the lippy, wish I was that brave!
    I'm currently running a GIVEAWAY if your interested.


    1. Haha well we all have to make excuses sometimes!
      Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway, its such a different thing to giveaway but it's amazing and gave me some great gift ideas! I'm now following your blog, love your nail art!

  2. Wow you've certainly bought some lovely bits. Hope you had a fab christmas and new year xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you ! Finally found something to wear thanks for your help!!

  4. You got some gorgeous things! I love the shoes! x

    1. Thank you! I have to admit I love them too haha!

  5. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)
    How did you make your header.. I really need a new one :)

    Come check me out –
    Love, Ellie x

    1. Hi, thankyou!
      I made it in photoshop after watching a few tutorials online, it's really simple I just overlayed my text over another layer and viola it was done haha. You then just upload it in blogger as an image for header. And photoshop is really expensive I know but all I downloaded was the 30 day trail which has now run out :(


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