Hello you lovely lot! I am sorry I have been so absent from my blog this week, I have found myself to be even busier now I am working out in the gym, have night school and I am using the bus to commute, but fear not I shall return as I have missed my little blog.

I logged on to Blogger on Tuesday and saw I had 100 followers and I was so happy! I know everybody says it and then everybody says that everybody says it and so on and so on but I honestly didn't think anyone would want to read my really long rambles but here I am reaching my first little milestone! I really love to get creative and share my thoughts with you all and it's so lovely to have all of your support!

I don't want to ramble on forever as I know these posts arent the most interesting but thank you all of you, expect my first giveaway to come soon! I have been waiting to do a giveaway for so long and I want it to be a bit different and special, so on payday I will have come up with the perfect idea to thank you all (driving lessons are making my purse significantly lighter)!

So here's a cute little picture I found on weheartit for you all to have a chuckle at, thank you again and again and enjoy the rest of your evening! Also thank you for your lovely comments I have loved logging on to lovely new comments from you every day and I will be replying to them all tomorrow!


  1. congratulations lovely! you deserve it, your blog is great :) x

  2. Congratulations lovely! X


  3. congrats you have a great blog! <3



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