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I don't view this as jumping on the blogger bandwagon as I love it when a really great tag goes around and all my favourite bloggers join in, this tag has been great as its allowed everybody to get to know the blogger behind the blog a bit more. So as an apology for being so absent from my blog this week and missing it so much I am writing some facts about me whilst enjoying some wine! Above is a video from YouTube that you've probably all seen but view it once more please, it'll make your day all over again!

I am completely obsessed with True Blood at the moment, I like to watch it on my iPad but tend to stay away from watching it if I'm on a train/bus as its a bit (a lot) saucy... I don't really want people to look at me and think I'm the local mad woman.

I paint my nails alllll the time but I pick it off within hours/days, maybe I just love to paint them so much...

My Auntie is 17 months older than me so although I don't have any sisters, I grew up with one and it was great, although sometimes we did fight like sisters haha!

I love Harry Potter (I also love Star Wars) and I don't like it when people say its overrated, it's overrated for a reason, because its frickin' awesome!!! Please read the books and you will be converted!

I love to read, I used to read a book a week but since I started working and blogging I don't find as much time, some of my favourtie authors are Harlan Coben and Jodi Picoult.

I am sooooooo clumsy, too clumsy for my own good! I can fall over whilst I am stood still...maybe that's the reason I decided not to return to Step class... (I also once cycled into a lamppost I am an idiot)

I really like maths... Does that make me nerdy? I don't sit and do it in my spare time but loved sitting my maths exams haha, maybe that's why I chose to pursue the career I have.

I like to get creative but don't feel like I am particularly good at anything which puts me off. I find blogging a great creative outlet, I also like to get crafty and sometimes draw.

I have been with my boyfriend 2 years in July, we have been through our ups and downs but our relationship is great, he is my best friend.

From past experiences I have learnt to respect myself and ignore others, I don't care what other people think of me anymore as I used to spend so much time worrying about that, people will always judge and bitch but I just leave them too it.

I always, always forget to wear jewelry.

I love Indian food, I think I could live off it and nothing else, except cheese because I absolutely couldn't live without that.

I am vegetarian, I don't like to discuss why most of the time as I feel like people never understand my reasoning, I don't want to eat animals, even though I've never particularly been an animal lover or had any pets.

I don't know how to pluck my eyebrows 8-)

I really love music, I haven't spent as much time hunting for more great stuff recently as I would have liked, I plan to share some music I like with you all!

I love documentaries about sharks, particularly great whites.

I have patches on my neck where there's no pigmentation, I don't know what it's called but a lot of people come up to me and tell me I have missed a bit of fake tan... I don't fake tan though haha.

I haven't had my hair cut in nearly a year... Since I chopped it off and had it permed I've been longing for my long hair back and these breakages to grow out, slowly but surely...

I am 5 foot 8 and even though that's not that tall I sometimes feel like the BFG around my friends, yet I still wear very high heels.

I once had bright red hair, a lip piercing, a nose piercing and numerous random ear piercings.

My personal style has evolved and grown with me, I used to wear lots of grungy layers, band tshirts, slashed jeans and crop tops, but now I like a more tailored and simple look but I never want to lose my personality in my style.

I'm going to Amsterdam may bank holiday for my birthday with Andy woo!

I really wish I could dance, I love contemporary dance but also who doesn't want to dance like Beyonce? Me and my friend are like a Beyonce double act once we are let loose and the drinks are flowing, she's amazing, she's like my twin (my friend Emily, not Beyonce but I wouldn't mind being her twin)

I always thought I hated babies but my friend recently had a baby boy and I think I love him!!

I hate mushrooms they are disgusting they absolutely stink!!! Why does everybody think veggies want mushrooms? I DONT!

I love watching great films, I love it when you watch a film and it completely blows you away, some films I love off the top of my head are... The adjustment bureau, pulp fiction, djangooooooo unchained why is it so good, Chicago, Forrest Gump, 10 things I hate about you, Inglorious Bastards.. I could definitely go on and I've probably missed off a favourite.

I'm sorry but I'm completely sick now of the whole mainstream/hype thing! What is so wrong with liking music or clothing other people like? It's like why don't you like Harry potter just cos everyone else does when it's great, someone told me pulp fiction was 'overrated' the other day but they had never even watched it! It's a classic! You are not going to tell me that Charlotte Bronte is overrated are you?! Next thing eating food will be overrated? If I want to like Taylor swift I will!

I quite like Taylor Swift actually and I used to have a girl crush on Miley Cyrus...

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  1. Lovely post. I'm afraid I don't feel the same about sharks, they scare me soo much x



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