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Hello everyone, happy Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day, I bought Andy tickets to see Darwin Deez for Christmas which was on Friday night so we spent the night in Manchester for our Valentines.

I left organising myself and my outfits to last minute as usual and ended up running around like a loon trying to sort myself out, some of the clothes I wanted to take had just mysteriously disappeared (mum cough cough) so I took what I could in the end! We took the Friday off work for a little lie in and then got the train to Manchester at 12pm, we almost missed the train because I couldn't run in my little heeled boots and I had been running late. This is the outfit I wore on the Friday to travel down to Manchester. I featured this pinafore from Topshop in a haul recently but I have only worn it once as I have found it a little bit difficult to style, but now I think I've cracked it and I love it. As you probably know from my last post, I don't have the Canon anymore so these photos were all taken on my iPhone and iPad, I don't think the outfit has photographed very well as it's much more flattering that in it looks here, but you get the general gist!

Topshop Pinafore
Primark Collar Tips
New Look Shirt
Topshop Boots
Primark Tights

For the gig I wore my River Island Silk style T-Shirt dress, AA Disco Pants, Primark Jacket and Topshop Necklace, I didn't manage to photograph this properly just your generic mirror shot haha, if you follow me on instagram you probably saw a few outfit photos etc. from the weekend. I actually really like how this outfit looked, it turned out nice considering I panicked and threw it into my bag with little thought given to how it was going to work, I can't wait to wear it again. I wore my Topshop lipstick in Depth with this outfit just to give it some edge, big mistake wearing my boots to the gig though, sore feet!

I am unbelievably skint and had to borrow money from my parents just to get to Manchester and be able to eat so I didn't manage to do any shopping, I was fighting with myself not to go into Selfridges and torture myself at the make up counters but I didn't, however, you cannot go past a Lush store without popping in and grabbing a few things! I got my first bubble bar, The Comforter, which smells amazing, a face mask and the tea tree spray that I have seen everybody raving out - will let you know my verdict!

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!


  1. Your hair is so lovely! And I'm a big fan of collar tips, I like that you wore them in an understated way


  2. Love the pinafore dress so cute! And the collar tips are amaaazing, really need to get my hands on some of them.

    Katie xx

  3. Love this outfit, looking gorgeous as always xx


  4. Love your pinafore dress! I recently bought the lush lip scrub which is great. Your lush haul looks great x


  5. You look gorgeous, I love the outfit and the lush products

    A little bit Unique


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