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You know how the story goes... 'Oh I'm just going to pop into Boots to get some bubble bath', two 3 for 2 offers and £25 later I emerge from Boots with a carrier bag laden with 'essentials'. We've all done it and no doubt we will all continue to do it so I thought I'd share with you what I picked up in a haul post. This is definitely a very small Boots haul for me but I picked up some nice things that I will no doubt be reviewing in the near future.
The first things I picked up were these two V05 hair products, I already own the volumising power and saw other products from the range on so, drawn in by the bright pink bottles and the promise of big hair these went in to the basket. The dry texturising spray contains sea salt and you basically spray it onto hair after you have styled it for some texture and life. The other product is a spray which you spray onto to hair whilst it is still wet for heat protection and volume.
I thought I better get what I came in for and spent ages looking at bath products, I wasn't blown away at all, Soap & Glory didn't appear to have anything to put into my bath and I was just craving a Lush Bubble Bar. I think these Radox bath soaks were on offer for £1 so I chose one of these, this actually smelt really nice in the bath so I'm glad I chose it.
As haircare was on the 3 for 2 offer I thought thus was the perfect excuse to splash out on the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment I've had my eye on ever since I read Hannah's review of it, I know approx £10 isn't really splashing out but I never really splurge on haircare.
Make up was also on 3 for 2 so that gave me an excuse to pick up yet more lipsticks and nail varnish, what else! I bought the Kate Moss 107 lipstick in a true blogger hype moment but also because this is a colour I'd wear all the time! I thought if I buy lipstick I'm surely going to have to buy some much needed lip liners so I purchased a red and a wine colour as these will go with most of my lipsticks, again these are Rimmel and it occurred to me that if I'm buying make up from the high street then my go to brand will be Rimmel due to the range of colours and the quality of the products.
I have recently seen some new Barry M colours featured on others blogs and as I already own a Gelly polish thoughts I better check these out, I picked up Greenberry and Lychee. Greenberry is such a lovely summery colour which will look great with a tan!
What do you splurge on when you 'accidentally' end up in boots?


  1. Love the Barry M nail varnish, both colours are gorgeous

  2. I love the Gelly high shine nail polishes x

  3. Love everything you brought! The " 3 for 2" offers always get me buying stuff! Just followed your blog, love it!

  4. Oooh I've seen that V05 texturising spray at my local dollar store, almost picked it up, but I have tons of these kind of products already!

  5. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks, 107 is such a great colour! The boots offers always get me spending!


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