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Every once in a while I try to upload something different to my blog, I've always worried that my blog was more impersonal than I would have liked. I intended to shoot and outfit post today but unfortunately I don't know how possible this will be for a while which is honestly a huge problem since I've been buying lots of new clothes and wearing lots of different and new outfits. In case you were wondering why I've been able to shoot a room tour and not an outfit post, the reason is  that the auto focus on the 400D has broken and will cost approx. £170 to fix, I can't afford this right now and will continue saving for a 600D.

For the 'room tour' I've just basically photographed items and areas of my room that I wanted to share with you all, including my alternative to Muji storage and some of my make up collection. I hope you enjoy this very photo heavy post!

Hope you enjoyed my room tour, I'd love to see some of yours!


  1. I love your room it's so cute x

  2. Your room is so nice, i love the jewellry tree stand :)
    Natalie xx

  3. Your room is stunning. Seriously. It's so interesting to see a blog post like this!

    Jo x

  4. Your room is lovely! Your make up storage is great xx

    Cupcakes And Cocaine

  5. So cute, I love day beds and very cute necklace hanger.
    xx M

  6. Your room is so gorgeous - is the thing your make-up is stored in a letter rack? I'm sure I nearly bought that a while back! x

    1. ooh hahah i dont know, is it? thats funny. Thank you


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