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Bow Make - Up Bag - Primark*


On Wednesday afternoon, Andy and I are travelling down to the airport and jetting off to Amsterdam for the weekend & my birthday. Since it's only a weekend trip we opted for the hand luggage only option - what seemed like a money saver at the time has quickly turned out to be a little difficult - since I realised this meant my handbag and all it's contents would have to also be packed into the small hand luggage case (this is actually a small hand luggage rucksack).

I have struggled but somehow managed to cram in three pairs of shoes, hair straighteners, probably about 12 outfits, the iPad, the Canon, my make up bag, my huge Warehouse handbag and countless other unnecessary items. You can image my horror when it dawned on me that all my liquids would have to be sealed in a clear plastic bag, all under 100ml and under 1 litre in total since this was hand luggage and I have no hold luggage. I'm not 100% sure that these things are compliant with those rules so its looking like Andy is going to be travelling through customs with his very own plastic make up bag - aw.

Due to the restrictions I've packed as little skincare/haircare as possible - I am slightly worried about my lack of hair styling products packed so far and may need to pick up a salt spray when I'm out there (I believe I have just found an excuse to shop). I've chosen really handy mini/travel sized items which I just happened to have already thanks to the North Meet Up! I am really sad that I'm leaving my Lush Tea Tree Toner behind but it's just a little on the large side.

This little make-up bag was a gift from my friend Emily and is really small and cute. It has two compartments, on one side I've stored the make up and on the other haircare and skincare. I'm taking some travel sized Anne Semonin shampoo* and shower gel* in a seperate bag, which are fantastic and really handy to take anywhere for an overnight stay.

Skincare and Haircare
Redken Colour Extend Treatment Spray*
This isn't a product I've used much but it's a really cute and handy travel sized bottle. The thought of going away without any hair products is horrible and I've heard really great things about this little bottle so I'm glad it's joining me on my travels.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil*
Cleansing oils are my favourite type of cleanser and I can't live without them. My favourite cleanser is the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil, but recently I've been using the DHC oil due to its small and handy travel size. The DHC oil smells so gorgeous and literally melts away all traces of make up without being harsh on the skin and stripping it of its natural oils.

Murad Pomegranate Energising Moisturiser*
Obviously I need take a moisturiser, this is a really light moisturiser which I know will blend great with my foundation to make a tinted moisturiser. It smells amazing and sinks in to the skin really fast. It's not a holy grail product but its a nice, simple product which does its job. It's also a really handy size with a nice hygenic nozzle so i can get just the right amount out of product.

Etat Pur Micellar Solution*
This came in my North Meet Up bag - it's seriously cute and I instantly I was thinking Bioderma. My Bioderma bottle has almost run out and is too large to take with me so this little bottle will do perfectly. Just like Bioderma it takes off make up effortlessly, has no scent and doesn't leave the skin tight! Perfect for a trip away.

Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel
Perhaps not a necessity but such a dinky little bottle so it'd be rude not to bring it along with all my other minis! This came in a set with the Murad moisturiser and although I haven't seen many results, this is the kind of product I love because if it can refine my pores eventually I will be one happy chappy.

Phil Smith Argan Oil Cream*
Much to my despair I have ran out of Argan oil - but I picked this little tube of Argan oil cream up free with Cosmopolitan last month and it smells lovely and works well on my hair which is often rather dry on the ends.
Make up
I'm not going to go through everything here because I'm sure that you know most of it but I'm taking what I consider the 'essentials'. I've been using NARS Sheer Glow Foundation but I've brought the Bobbi Brown Stick out of storage due to its compact nature plus I really do love it. The Burts Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm* is absolutely hands down the greatest product ever - not even because it makes your lips softer than any balm - it probably doesn't - but it smells beyond amazing and makes my mouth water like crazy and it does leave the lips nice and soft, my must have item! High Beam has made an appearance after spending a good few months shelved as I've been using my Topshop Powder Highlighter instead but this tiny little bottle is perfect to take in the bulky Topshop highlighters place. In my opinion three lipsticks is not enough however I cannot fit anymore in and don't forget I've got to get all this through customs.... I've chosen the infamous Kate Moss 107, MAC Cockney and YSL shade 12. Also into make up bag are some MAC eyeliners, a NARS blush in Lustre and Hoola - a bronzer.

So that's what I'm sneaking into my suitcase (plus some NUDE treatment oil which I forgot to photograph). What would you be taking in yours?

*all items marked wth an asterix are PR samples or gifs


  1. Ooh Amsterdam! I love it there, have a great time :-) I picked the hand luggage option too and regretted it somewhat, haha. I'm sure I read somewhere the other day though that they have now removed the 100ml limit on products when travelling in Europe? I'm not 100% though. xx

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  2. Your travel make up bag is so cute! I was amazed its from Primark.


  3. I adore that bag, it clearly holds a lot! And I need to try me some Murad, I've heard loads about it.
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