Catch-Up #2

01.   Sometimes life gets in the way and leads you off somewhere you weren’t expecting. It’s been just over a fortnight since I posted anything on my blog. For some reason lately I have been really struggling to find the time and motivation to write anything at all. Ideas keep generating in my head but I feel like I can’t collect all my thoughts together to put pen to paper and write a concise and ‘to the point’ post. I have decided now to make lists of every idea which floats on through the brain before it’s lost forever.  Of course some of these ideas will never become much more than a fleeting thought but hopefully it’ll help me get my head together and write some new material.

02.   There are many things I want to post about but I am held back by my camera capability. With regard to the Ruby Woo comparison post – I initially wanted swatches on my lips and I held that post back for weeks to give myself time to get the ‘perfect’ swatches I had imagined but to no avail. It’s completely my own personal preference but I just prefer to see make up on the face other than on the back of a hand –I do however realise how difficult this is and it hinders my posts a lot. My camera no longer auto-focuses so I tend to push posts to the bottom of the pile should they require swatches. Hopefully following my holiday I’ll be able to purchase a new camera.

03.   I am a vegetarian and have been for 2-3 years now – recently, since I have taken up exercising 5-6 times a week, I have been considering introducing fish back into my diet as a way of getting essential vitamins, oils and protein. So far I don’t know how this sits with me and it really is driving me insane! I have so many thoughts going on right now I can’t seem to collect them all and make up my mind. For me this is a personal  decision and isn’t something I take lightly, I feel since I can’t collate my thoughts whatsoever – this isn’t the right time to reintroduce fish into my diet.

04.   As I previously mentioned I’ve been really busy recently with the gym, we have also moved house and my stuff isn’t organised – it’s still everywhere. I’m attending the gym now up to six times a week doing a combination of classes, such as Spinning, Body Attack and Body Pump, combined with weight, circuit and interval training in the gym itself. This is something I’m really enjoying and I am now on my third month with my personal trainer. I’ve been going to the gym now for about 5 months and feel like I’m now ready to share some tips and experiences on my blog.

05.   Something else that’s been constantly in the back of my mind is my lack of personal style posts. I feel like my blog spawned from the idea of sharing my personal style, hence the name, but it’s gone slightly sideways. Whilst I think I prefer blogging about beauty and lifestyle – I really want to incorporate more fashion posts on my blog but again until my autofocus issues are amended this may have to be put on the back burner.

06.   Finally, I didn’t really want to do a full post on this but with the imminent departure of GFC, I thought I would leave my bloglovin’ link with a little plea for you all to follow me over there. It’s a great platform that I use daily in place of my blogger feed now anyway – I’ve already followed all of you over on bloglovin’ using their handy tool which you can use to import all of the blogs you follow via GFC into bloglovin’. -

Thanks for sticking around whilst I pour my thoughts into a blog post. What have you been doing? How do you find the time to keep fit, work full time and blog as well?

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  1. Nice kicks x


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