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01. Feeling Inspired. I go through all the possible emotions when it comes to my blog. Sometimes I’m inspired, sometimes I am demotivated, sometimes im negative others im positive. I think that it’s natural to feel this way about something that is so important to you. Recently I’ve been feeling inspired as I constantly strive to improve, plan and work on my blog so I hope there will be lots of new changes coming!

02. New beginnings. Finally the time has come around where a new camera will be making its way to me. It’s been a long and hindering ride 400D but I think it’s time we parted ways. Finally I am going to be able to shoot the posts I’m always planning but never publish, swatches on the face, regular outfit posts, face of the day’s… finally. 

03. A Fresh Look. The blog design and I go way back, designed completely by none other than little old incompetent me. As with everything, my style, make up etc, I want my blog design to reflect me, to feel like me so although I think the old trusty one is doing its job at the moment, I have fresh ideas for a new and hopefully unique look. At the moment I’m just brainstorming, designing and possibly enlisting the help of those with more knowledge than me in the whole design department keep your eyes peeled.

04. A New Year. As of next week my first year as a full time working girl cross part time student cross blogger will be over (blog birthday in October but we’re close). I’ll officially be a second year on the scheme and we’ll be saying hello to some new faces. Often people ask if I made the right choice declining university and training in mechanical engineering (where did that come from?!) but I know one hundred per cent that I did and I’ve met some amazing people along the way. Hurrah to making the right decisions.

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  1. Always follow your intuition girl, I'm glad you know you've made the right choice! Best of luck with everything to come, can't wait to see how you and your blog progress xx

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