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Sometimes life happens. We go trundling along through our daily motions and routines and everything’s fine la la la, until something happens and you stop and suddenly you’ve woken up. Well, as dramatic as that may sound, everybody is fine, my life is fine, I’m fine – we’re all fine. Yeah, we’re fine, we’re fine until we look closely and realise things probably haven’t been that fine for a while but we’ve just lived with it because ‘that’s life’. 

A bit about myself -I am easily carried away, easily irritated and not the kind of gal who lets things go – those may sound like some real ugly personality traits but I bet there’s a lot of girls out there who’d agree with me. So here’s something, if some things don’t feel right they won’t go away until I know why it’s not right. I worry and I bother and I wonder why this is happening. For some months now I’ve just had this feeling, just a subtle constant worry in the back of my mind – have I outgrown my friends?

 Friends are for life right? Well, so I thought, but I suppose it’s logical that if you meet some people when you’re 12, you could be totally different people by the time you’re twenty. It’s nobody’s fault, people grow and people change – we mature and we mould into the adults we’re going to be by learning from the mistakes we make. When you’re not into what your friends are into and you don’t get why they’re doing that, you weren’t there for them and they weren’t there for you either, you weren’t invited or you didn’t want to invite them, you don’t want to turn to them, you haven’t spoken in months and they haven’t spoken to you either – then clearly this isn’t a ‘friendship’ any longer. 

I’m very big on friendship and what it means to me. I want a friend who is loyal, who will be there for me, who I can turn to, whose feelings I care about more than my own, who will support me, who will laugh we me, who will ‘get’ me. When all of that changes and there’s some less than positive feelings lingering around – it can start getting a little bitchy, a little nasty and let’s face it, nobody wants to hurt the person who they had great times with in the past – so we try to work it out, but then we realise we’re not the same people anymore. 

I guess all I’m saying is it’s OKAY to outgrow your friends, I think a lot of people know this is happening but just go along with the motions because that’s what they’ve always done and that’s what they’re used to. Yes, it’s sad to outgrow your old friends but you can’t fix and force what doesn’t work any longer – it’s a fact of life. By accepting that it’s okay to outgrow friends when nobody did anything wrong to one another and there wasn’t some huge scandal, it just happened, I relaxed and everyone can go about their lives doing what they like without worrying. I have more time to focus on those who are so important to me, who care and are funny and get me and are there for me, as I will be for them, because after all friendships are a two way street and wasted energy is exhausting and upsetting.

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  1. AH! Preach!!
    It's a horrible feeling to lose a friendship but it's needed sometimes.
    You're speaking so much sense in this.

    imemmymah | fashion blog


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