I'm gonna kick this one off with an apology, sorry if you're all currently thinking - 'this gals got a new camera and all she does is take bloody pictures of herself!'. Fear not, my blog is not going to become one huge instagram-esque feed, however this weekend I've done a few make-up looks which I've felt were a bit different from my usual 'daily' face so I thought I'd photograph them and share them with you. I personally like make-up looks and face of the day posts as I find they're great inspiration but they also show a bit more off about the bloggers personal style and preferences. 

Last night my friends and I hit the town, I was wearing the Topshop playsuit which was featured in my latest haul video and I wanted to change it up with my make -up to make the playsuit stand out. I find Topshop sometimes has statement pieces which can only be worn a certain way, so you hit town and everyones wearing the same outfits!

I got my inspiration for this look from a pixiwoo tutorial on YouTube. I didn't follow the tutorial really just took a look at the final look as I do get bored watching tutorials - nobodys fault I just tend to skip through them all the time! At first I thought I looked like a bit of a weirdo as it's something a bit different from a usual make-up look but it grew on me! It's a great look for me as I have small eyes and it made them appear larger.

I'll tell you briefly what I did as I'm sure the pixiwoo tutorial will be a better place for you to get the steps! Basically I kept the skin pale and clean with a subtle contour and blush. I filled in the brows and then using my Naked 2 palette I used Verve in the corners of the eyes and Suspect all over the lid, I didn't want the eyeshadow to be too dramatic as the eyeliner was going to speak for itself so I used Snakebite to go in the crease for a subtle contour. I then used L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster to create a cat flick on the top lashline, this was quite a thick line. I went over with MAC Eyeliner to darken the colour. Underneath the eyes along the waterline and lashline I applied a MAC Kohl in Fascinating, a white liner, to open the eyes. I then followed the curve of the eye beneath the lash line with the MAC Eyeliner - tense times. For the lips I struggled with picking a colour that would balance the drama of the eye and not make the whole look too dark. I settle on MAC's M.A.C Red all over the lip and then went along the lip line and all over the lip with a Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipliner in Black Tulip to darken the lip slightly. 

I quite liked this look and may wear it again on a night out! I do think its a rather dramatic look  so I'll probably stick to nights for rocking this one. I think it's perfect for those of us who have small eyes, I don't really have much of a 'crease' and my brow bones are quite low so heavily smokey eyes don't usually work for me!

What do you think of this look? Would you wear this?


  1. Wow what a great look, I'm shocking at applying eyeliner so couldn't even begin to try this!!


  2. wow your look beautiful that lipstick looks amazing on you !! xx

  3. You look incredible! I am in love with this make up, looks so good! x


  4. Absolutely gorgeous!





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