My go to make up for about 5 years was - foundation, blusher, liquid eyeliner, mascara. For the most part I swore by Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner - which was okay I liked the foam applicator. I then moved on to MAC's Liquid Liner which I like because it has good staying power and rarely smudges. As an eyeliner kind of gal, when I saw the L'Oreal Superliner range I was drawn in. I like that there are different types of eyeliner/applicator thickness to chose from and the packaging is all very luxe looking in my opinion.

I think most people would shy away from the Blackbuster within this range due to it's branding. Whilst many people like bold, thick eyeliner, many don't and I think some may be put off by the name of this product and how thick the nib of the liner is. I thought I'd clear things up. As you may have noticed I have a relatively low brow bone which means I can't wear eyeliner which is too thick or it just disappears into my eyelid. My go to liner style is usually a flick all along the eyelid as you can see above, some other days I just smudge a kohl into the lash line for a less dramatic look as I've begin to mature with my make-up preferences.

The L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster makes doing cat flicks so easy - the shape of the applicator means with a light hand you can get a precise line with a good flick on the end in no time at all. I really love how quick and easy applying my eyeliner is with this product - don't be scared off by the size of it. If you saw my recent post on Evening Eye Make-up I applied the eyeliner along my lashline with this product - however I did have to go over it with my MAC Eyeliner as I find the Blackbuster needs a few 'goings-over' with the liner to get it to be true black and it does smudge slightly quicker otherwise.

Above I've shown two different eyeliner styles, one is natural and thin and the other a thicker, bolder lines. You can get into the lashline with this liner for definition or you can quickly create thick, bold graphic liner which is very neat! 

I think I picked this up in ASDA for £5.59 or you can get it at Superdrug for £6.99 - I really don't think this is a bad price, not every make up item has to be high end and an enemy of your bank balance.


  1. omfg i NEED this in my life! i can't deal with liquid eyeliner any more, definitely going to get this:)
    i love your blog, follow back?:) lipstickslashesgreentea.blogspot.com x

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