Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer

Okay so I don't really know what's been going on with me lately - I was on a blogging roll, everything is so crazy man so I haven't blogged in what feels like forever and now I've lost my mojo and I don't know what to blog about. I have just attempted to watch the Great British Bake Off literally about five times and I haven't watched it at all, so on my sixth attempt of watching them make cakes I have come back to the blog to write a review.

Don't groan please 'not another review of that darn Origins moisturiser', sorry I'm sorry okay, but I thought I'd throw in my own views for what they're worth. I have oily skin which often gets dehydrated but stays congested, I am rarely without breakouts and I am constantly battling scarring from those so I try to look after my skin. Moisturisers do not excite me in the slightest, I like masks, treatments and serums - the kind of things which make a visible difference to my skin and hopefully will reduce the dreaded scarring. I am aware that moisturisers are essential  and I use them morning and night but I usually couldn't care less what it is as long as it's from a brand I trust and doesn't make me even oilier. For that reason even I was pretty shocked when this moisturiser ended up in my virtual shopping basket. 

It was Origins darn offers which dragged me in and lured GinZing into my basket, there was an offer on surrounding the purchase of moisturisers and lured in by a free gift I threw in GinZing as I've seen so many positive reviews. I have used this daily since then and that was exactly four weeks ago to this day and I have to say I love it! It smells amazing, it sinks in so quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. The smell isn't too strong and the moisturiser itself is extremely light but keeps my skin suitably hydrated so it's perfect for use before make up application in the morning! Something else I love about this moisturiser is the fact that it doesn't contribute to my skin producing excess oil throughout the day what so ever and by keeping my skin hydrated daily, the oil production has been under control and is much more manageable. I haven't seen that it wakes my face up anymore than normal but to be honest I don't stare at my skin before and after application waiting for my face to light up like a lamp so I'm probably not the most reliable source for countering that claim!

I love this moisturiser and look forward to using it daily. Also I think £23 is a very reasonable pricetag, I was however expecting  a larger tub from pictures I've seen however I guess they were just without scale!


  1. "I don't stare at my face waiting for it to light up like a lamp" hahaha oh good god that was funny!! lovely review hun :) sounds like we have very similar skin types, scars and never being able to be free from spots is the bane of my life! xxx

  2. I am an oily skinned girl too so this sounds perfect for me. I hate moisturisers that are too thick. I would like to try the eye cream of this too x

  3. I always hear about this but I've just never tried it! After I finish my moisturiser I might go for this :)

    Annie |

  4. I always say I'm going to pick this up and I never do for some reason! I had a little sniff of it whilst I was in Boots though and it smells amazing! I have the ginzing eye cream and love that so might give this a go. Great review :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  5. Completely agree..this is my morning moisturiser of choice too! Really enjoyed reading that x


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