So it's 2am and I'm partaking in some procrastination of the century, I fell asleep about 9pm and woke up after midnight so instead of attempting to go back to sleep, I thought 'there's no time like the night time to plan Christmas presents and blog posts'. I feel like I've been so stressed out lately that even though I've been aware that I have neglected my blog, I haven't even cared - I just felt as if it would be more pressure upon the pressure I was already feeling. For some reason I've been filming videos and taking photos but have been deleting them all because I haven't been happy with them, I've been feeling uninspired and I don't want boring posts up so I would rather just not post at all!

I have decided that I cannot ignore my blog forever and therefore here I am! I've missed it but I won't be happy until I'm back into the swing of things creating content that I am proud of. For now here is a recent outfit of the day that I threw on whilst going for some lunch in town - the weather was dry but chilly so I threw on this polo neck jumper from Topshop that I picked up for some ridiculously cheap price in the sale last year, teamed with my trusty AA Disco Pants and a pair of black boots you can't go wrong really!

Jayde x


  1. This is gorgeous! I have this jumper such a great texture!

  2. I miss blog posts from you! I hope your inspiration and motivation comes back soon (it must be hiding in the same place as mine at the moment!).
    P.S, that jumper is cuuute xx

  3. Your shoes are amazing!

  4. You look so pretty! Your shoes are gorgeous :)xo


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