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 Something I've been reintroducing back into my life is a fitness routine, you might remember last year I had a personal trainer and was hitting the gym six times a week in preparation for summer. During that time I picked up a lot of useful tips and advice from my personal trainer but also due to hours of extensive research. Whilst it seems this knowledge can very quickly be forgotten over an indulgent Christmas period I thought I would share some of the apps which are helping me get back up to speed. These smartphone apps are absolutely amazing, prepare to get in shape for FREE.

First up and without a doubt the best app I have on my phone, screw you Flappy Bird, it's all about the Nike+ Training Club. Seriously, if you don't have this app you need it! I don't care if your a hardcore fitness fanatic or your only just considering doing some exercise whilst you sit there and read this *puts down the biscuits*. This app is FREE, yes FREE and it's not only one of the best functioning apps I've come across its also achievable and easy to follow. Using the N+TC app  you can select any level from beginner to expert and design a 4 week workout, or just select a workout, assign your workout a playlist and get going. The instruction is great ensuring you keep good form and stay motivated, with video demos and step by step guides, effective workouts never came so easily! I use this at home AND in the gym and its already transformed my workouts - its a FREE PERSONAL TRAINER. FREE.

Following on from the above holy grail, the Nike+ Running app, okay so your not a runner, thats okay I'm not either, but I like to interval train on the treadmill so I use this app as it integrates with the above app to track your workouts and earn Nike Fuel, so you can challenge your friends. This maps your runs, speed, distance, you name it. ALSO FREE, running is FREE. 

If your making small diet changes or just becoming more aware of what you eat the myfitnesspal app is for you. I like this because you can input your stats and goals and itll calculate your daily calorie intake, scan or input all the food you eat and your away! You can also track exercise and water consumption. Whilst I don't love keeping an eagle eye on what I'm eating as I tend to over eat, it's good to identify problem areas and keep a general idea of weight loss and progress, plus you can interact with friends and motivate eachother! Again another free app...

My final pick is Seven. This app is free however you have to pay a small price (less than £2) to unlock target area workouts but the whole body work out is free. Again this turns your mobile phone into a personal trainer who will direct you for 7 minutes. 7 minutes, 7 days, 7 months, small changes, big results! This is perfect for the morning before you start your day as it'll kick start your fat burning for the rest of the day and help to improve general fitness. Smaller bouts of exercise have become increasing popular with scientists and personal trainers everywhere.

It's important to remember that fitness comes for free, yes you can join a gym which can provide equipment and support however using these apps can be just as effective if they are used properly.

What do you think of these apps? Seriously... go download the N+TC app now now now now.

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