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I feel very out of the blogging rhythm right now and I'm thinking, what do I write, so if this is a rambly mess forgive me pleaase? I know I haven't been around for a while but I'll just get on with it shall I, nobody cares if I had a month off! Any recommendations for somewhere I can buy a new Canon Battery charger would be much appreciated!

I have a fair collection of MAC Red lipsticks in my lipstick collection which appears to have happened without me even thinking.  There are times where an abundance of similar lip colours can lead to neglect but I find myself wearing all of these regularly. I thought I'd share my thoughts and swatches for what its worth cos' you might be thinking 'Which MAC Red?', since theres sooo much choice!

The four reds I have included in this post are Cockney, Dangerous, MAC Red and Ruby Woo. They're all different textures or finishes, I'm not sure which you call it, so I tend to wear these at different times depending on the occasion... of course I don't wear them all at once...

Cockney is a Lustre finish yellow toned red with a gold shimmer, the shimmer is very understated but makes the lips look nice and shiny. Cockney is very buildable so can either be worn sheer or more built up to give a nice pigmented glossy effect. I  like that this lipstick is yellow toned as it tends to suit my skintone and bring out my eyes. I usually wear this through the day when I'm looking for something understated yet brightening for the face. 

MAC Red is a Satin finish red lipstick and is coincidentally the first ever MAC lipstick I purchased, quickly followed by Ruby Woo. MAC Red is such a classic true red and looks perfect layered over the MAC Cherry lip pencil. As expected is a nice pigmented satin finish and looks perfect with a classic make up look. 

Ruby Woo, the infamous. Ruby Woo is a Matte finish red, it's very matte but is a perfectly blue toned super pigmented colour which is perfect if you're looking for a bold statement lip. Due to its extra matte formula it doesn't budge or bleed and will stay all day (or night). It can be quite drying and looks best on prepped lips.

Dangerous is a recent addition to my collection and is from the recently launched Retro Matte collection. This retro matte lipstick is highly pigmented, extremely matte and leans to the orange side of red. This is perfect if you're looking for a statement lip but want a bit of a twist on the old classic red look. 

There's my lowdown on four MAC red lipsticks - let me know if any of these are your favourites and what you think of the other red shades MAC have on offer!


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