summer in review: get beach ready, fast.

It’s June, you know what that means? Summer has crept up on us and god knows where from. I don’t know about you but I was enjoying hanging around in my winter layer of cakes and chocolate and then all of a sudden, it’s sunny, it’s summer, it’s festival season and that means bare everything, legs, stomach, arms, shoulders, back, hands, feet…  you name it someones gonna see it. Yeah I’m not ready, and if you’re like me and have a holiday coming up which you should be excited for but instead feel a sense of impending doom at the thought of running around in a bikini and shorts after you spent the entirety of winter and spring gorging on cheese and chocolate, then fear not (or fear a little less at least) I have some last minute tips to help you feel more comfortable this summer.

We all know that if you’re holidaying in seven days as I am you’re not gonna be dropping a dress size or rocking a six pack in time for the beach but maybe theres a way to inject yourself with that confidence boost you need to rock that bikini like it was made for you (and no I’m not talking steroids and tanning injections), because after all, we all know that all it takes is a little confidence to shine.

1)      Get a tan – Okay so sunbeds and sun are harmful but hey you’re gonna be in the sun anyway. Personally I’m not a fan of sunbeds and the dangers they pose but all I know is that when I’ve got a tan I feel ten times sexier. Tans seem to hide a multitude of sins, reducing the appearance of cellulite and smoothing out your body transforming you into a golden goddess. If you can’t wait till you’re on holiday and like me you’re not a fan of sunbeds, then hit the bottle (of tanning lotion not alcohol, I know it’s tough) just make sure that you’re not using a wash off instant tan because that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

2)      Beat the bloat – So we can’t drop a dress size or grow super toned legs and abs in a week or two but we can banish the bloat right? If you don’t get bloated once in a while you’re the lucky one, and being bloated can make such a difference in the way you look and feel, I know I always feel ten times better when my stomach has flattened down. Try drinking plenty of water in the run up to your holiday and eating only complex carbohydrates (no white carbs), cutting out sugar and reducing your salt intake. Swapping the sandwich for a soup at lunch and the fruit for some more veg can also help to flatten things out in the stomach region. By eating more protein and vegetables you should be able to see a difference by the time you’re on the plane! Oh, and during this period alcohol is a no-no, the queen of all bloat inducing substances.

3)      Prep yourself – Razors and exfoliant at the ready. Exfoliators will help remove dead skin leaving you with renewed soft skin so you’re bikini ready.  Exfoliant, massage and body brushing encourage lymphatic drainage which, if done daily, could reduce the appearance of cellulite before it’s time to don the shorts. By shaving and exfoliating you’ll also prolong your tan and encourage a more even colour.

4)      Dress well and dress right – This summer my budget is tight, so it means I won’t be doing any holiday shopping this year, but have you ever stopped to think about how most of us buy new holiday clothes every year and they only get worn on average 2 weeks out of 52, so don’t be afraid to recycle your old holiday clothes. Recycling last season’s holiday clothes doesn’t mean you can’t look fab on your holiday as most holiday clothes are similar to the season before but have just had a face lift. By choosing the right clothes for your body shape you can look great, especially by picking the right bikini. Girls with small chests should opt for frilly or detailed bikini tops which can add the illusion of a fuller chest. If you’re pear shaped or worried about your buddah belly which came from nowhere this winter (ahem) look to high waisted bikini bottoms – not only do they hide everything, they’re also bang on trend!

5)      Last minute exercise – Okay so you’re not going to be able to make a huge difference in 7-14 days but that doesn’t mean you can make some difference! By eating correctly (see point 2) you can combine high intensity interval training with resistance to create a little more definition before you jet off to your tropical destination. HIIT classes such as the Insanity workout provide you with short intense burst of exercise which has been proven to be the most effective form of exercise when banishing fat. Combine this with strength training such as the plank, lunges and squats and you could see a small difference before you go but remember your diet is the most important factor here, you’ll never be lean if you don’t eat clean. I recommend downloading the Nike+ training club app and get cracking with the Beach Legs workout.

All hope is not lost! If you’re already comfortable in a bikini that’s great but for those of us who need a little boost of self-confidence it’s nice to feel like we can do something, even if we have left it so late!


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