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Today I’m flying out to Barcelona with two friends before hopping on a coach and making a 3.5 hour journey to Benicassim for the Festival International Benicassim (FIB).  But it doesn’t end there, Monday morning post festival instead of heading home with festival and post-holiday blues we will be flying to Ibiza where we are spending four nights in San Antonio Bay.  Although packing may have been put on hold until the very last minute (my speciality), I prepared the most important essential thing for this trip and that is the beach playlist. Ever since my first girls holiday to Turkey in 2011 I’ve been falling back on the same go to albums which just never fail to suit my mood perfectly whilst relaxing on a beach, but I’m keeping it fresh this year and adding in some new releases to help me unwind.
1.       Friendly Fires - Pala
The longest standing beach album on my playlist, Pala has been a firm favourite for the beach ever since it was released by Friendly Fires back in 2011. Pala, Hawaiian Air and Pull Me Back to Earth are just the most perfect songs for lying in the sun, if you don’t believe me just try it.
2.       Metronomy –  The English Riviera
Metronomy’s second album has a seaside theme so forgive me for making such an obvious choice for a perfect beach album. Also released in 2011 (I think there’s a running theme here) The English Riviera offers low key melody’s which are surely made to relax you whilst you mooch around on the coast. My favourite tracks to play whilst sunbathing are She Wants, Loving Arm and The Look as their mid tempo nature captures the moment perfectly.
3.       Beyonce – 4
Released in, yep you guessed it, 2011, 4 captured the memories of my first girl’s holiday and held on to them forever. With a mixture of soul and strong pop that will have you dancing into the evening it is the perfect album for a holiday with the girls. Songs such as 1+1 and I Was Here are perfect for drifting off too in the sun with the rest of the album leaving you feeling like you can conquer the world whilst you procrastinate from the comfort of your sun lounger.
4.       The War on Drugs –  Lost in a Dream
The title gives it away; this album is perfect to get lost to. You may be surprised to learn that this album was not released in 2011, but was in fact released in March of this year. This is the third album by The War on Drugs and has been playing in my boyfriend’s car nonstop since he came across it and somehow has managed to sneak its way onto my playlist this year. Influenced by 80s rockers such as Dylan and Springsteen this ambient album is the perfect tempo to get lost in for an hour on the beach. And as a bonus, if you like it, you could get tickets to see them touring at the end of the year (see you there..).
5.       The Black Keys – Turn Blue
It’s no secret, The Black Keys are one of my all-time favourite bands, I love their old school rock vibes and any album by them is a winner for me but Turn Blue has something special which makes it my album of choice for summer.  The Black Keys eighth, yes eighth, studio album retains The Black Keys big sound whilst capturing psychedelic rock vibes making it a mid-tempo masterpiece that is unmissable this summer.

So in case you hadn’t noticed I like to opt for low to mid albums which give me the ability to unwind without being riled up by shouty pop. Don’t get me wrong, everybody’s gotta love a bit of shouty pop but not for the beach, that comes later. I’ve included a Spotify playlist below so you can have a listen but until you’re lying on a beach I just don’t think you get the full effect of how great these albums really are for summer. I’d love to know what your favourite beach albums are since maybe I could include those in my playlist too! Let me know what you think of my choices. Note that Turn Blue isn't on Spotify so I've included Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey as that was my next choice!
P.S. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and support of my post about piercings, it’s really refreshing to hear from such lovely likeminded people!


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