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 Through my teenage years I grew in and out of piercings and as you would expect, my tastes and preferences changed. For that reason I've pretty much overhauled all of my piercings twice but I've always loved them and always will have them. This is the reason I don't have any tattoos, although I love them on other people and find some incredibly beautiful, I have a fickle nature and cannot commit to something so long term, that's why piercings tend to be my thing. 

I don't have many piercings compared to some people, but those I do have I love. In the past I've had various piercings which i dont have now, such as a lip piercing, nose piercing, snug and helix piercing, I liked them all but removed them as my tastes changed. Currently I have five piercings which you can see above - two microdermal anchors below my collar bone, a rook, a hoop in my the middle of my ear and the most recent addition - a smiley. For those of you who don't know what a smiley is, its basically a hoop through the skin which attaches your lip to your gum, no it isn't dangerous and yes it did hurt - someone pushed a needle into my mouth. 

I also have my lobes pierced twice, I rarely wear jewelry in these as I don't need to to keep them open and I'm lazy. But that isn't the point. The point is nobody complains that I have my lobes pierced, I might even get complimented on my choice of earrings - so why does anyone think its okay to tell me that my other piercings are disgusting? I just find it completely astounding that people who I know, who I'm friends with, who love me, who I work with, who respect me feel like it's okay for them to have such a open distaste about my piercings. I get my microdermal anchors done and I get told 'I've ruined myself', really have I? Have I ruined myself for you, sorry about that stranger. I get my smiley done, I've 'mutilated' myself, it's 'disgusting', I've spoilt my face, bla bla. 

Seriously I don't understand why people think it's okay for them to share their opinions on MY body with me... if I approached somebody and told them 'oh my god, your new fringe is disgusting you've really ruined your face with that haircut' I would be thought of as the rudest & most inconsiderate person ever but how in any way is it different? I would rather be told I didn't suit a piercing that be told it's disgusting. That is now a part of me - accept it. I don't need anybody's approval, it's my body and I did it for me - I didn't ask permission, I didn't ask your opinion, I didn't ask your approval, so keep it to yourself if you're going to be rude.

People just do not understand how unbelievably rude they are being when they pass comment and judgement on my appearance when it comes to piercings. I do not appreciate walking into a room with a vest top on and somebody catching sight of my microdermals and then shouting 'erggggggh' in disgust, it's just plain rude and ignorant. Making up an excuse about how much they must of hurt as a reason for your distaste is also not cool, of course it fucking hurt, I had a hole punched into my skin, a needle shoved through my lip, if it hurt so bad do you think I'd do it?

Please just take a moment to think before you pass comment on anybody's piercing, or tattoo or body modification. They have thought it through and made this choice themselves, I hardly go around telling all my friends their tattoos are disgusting, so stop telling me my piercings are. It's my body, I made the choice and I love them all and wouldn't change it. And no I will not remove them at your command so please stop asking. 


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