introducing Suki

On Friday I adopted this little ball of fluff - Suki. Suki is a seven week old kitten who I adopted from a local charity. There are lots of animals without homes living in shelters looking for a forever home! I've always loved cats even more so than dogs and for a while have been thinking the time is right to give a kitten a home for life! The reason I opted for a kitten over an older cat was because I wanted to train her and create a bond. 

Suki is half tabby, half white and she is beautiful - she is playful, energetic and friendly. Considering she has only been here since Friday she has settled in well, she's been sleeping with me and wakes me up in the morning to play by licking my face and climbing onto my back. Right now she's sleeping against my leg making this very difficult to type.

I'm trying to settle her in so she's currently in my room but eventually she'll live in the kitchen when she's ready to roam. She will be an indoor/outdoor cat but I have to keep her inside till she's fully vaccinated and neutered to make sure no more kittys end up homeless! 

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of Suki in the future here but for now, if I'm a little quiet on the blog front its because im training and looking after this little one.


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