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Another playlist, but this ones special. Girls are absolutely rocking the music scene at the moment so I thought I'd share my favourites with you in this playlist. I have included two songs from each artist in the playlist below which are my favs. I'm gonna give you low down on each artist and why they made my playlist.

If you guys don't know Banks then pleaaaaaaase just get on the Banks wagon (lol) because she is seriously amazing. Her songs are ethereal and beautiful, I feel like I could drown in them - plus her lyrics are on point. Banks is such a breath of fresh air in the music industry at the moment, I really feel like she stands out from a lot of what else could be considered main stream. 

Pretty established in the USA and UK, this LA all girl band have some serious vibes. I love Warpaint but their reception at Parklife was pretty underwhelming (what do you expect?) which left me so dissapointed because their set was great. The lead spent ages trying to interact with the crowd and get people to move and I even had a moment with the bass player (who is one hot babe). I've loved Warpaint for so long and I'm so happy I've seen them live. They're such serious rockers with a mellow sound that I love, plus I kinda freakin' love bass guitar and they're killing it and again they have such a unique sound.

Lana Del Rey
Well of course you've heard of Lana Del Rey, she's all round amazing and her debut album did incredible. Del Rey has recently released a new album produced by Dan Auerbach from my main band The Black Keys so of course it was gonna be good, it's a match made in heaven. I love Lana's sound, its dark and it makes me feel like I'm some kinda vintage sex siren so I'm not complaining. I definitely think the album takes some listening to get into it but once you're there theres no turning back.

Lily Allen
Lily's just made a comeback after taking a long break to have a family and for some reason I find her album really catchy. I love how she doesn't take herself seriously and writes tongue in cheek songs which actually address popular culture today and how ridiculous it can be sometimes, for instance the craziness of the media. Sheezus is doing pretty well since it's getting good airplay, you should definitely give the rest of the album a listen though. P.S. she totally rocked it at Benicassim and once again didn't take herself too seriously!

We all know Haim, three sisters rocking it out in a band together. I fan girl so hard over chicks who play instruments, don't know why but it makes me pretty jel. I saw Haim at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival and they treat us to some pretty impressive drumming to finish off the set. Haim are just all round good and are really reppin' the women out there by just being themselves and doing what they want to do and not what the industry tells them.

Well... I could hardly make a playlist about girl power and leave out the fiercest woman in the business. Beyonce seems to get better and better killing it with each new release. I don't  need to say much since she's pretty much the top babe in the industry but I like to listen back to 4 now and again so I've included some songs off there because, vibez.

Iggy Azalea
I'm not sure if Iggy made it here partly because I have a huge girl crush on here but we won't talk about that. A lot of Iggy's singles do really well in the charts and she features a lot on others songs but her album is actually really good. I like The New Classic because it's not so samey like a lot of albums around at the moment and she has her own sound. 

Lorde is doing so amazing for such a young girl with many hits from her debut album. I used to really like the album but it's not really one which I've stuck too and don't tend to listen to it so much anymore but she's still pretty cool so she definitely deserves a spot on this playlist. I do look forward to a new release from Lorde because I have a feeling she will have developed her sound a lot.

I don't know too much about SZA at all, but I really like this album. Her voice is beautiful and her sound is so chilled and sort of house-y (technical music term). Once again I feel like she is so unique in the industry at the moment so she's definitely worth a listen.

Do you have any favourite female artists? What do you think of the artists I have chosen?


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