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As bloggers we're usually avid magazine readers, obsessive online shoppers & invited along to events with pretty hefty 'goodie bags', this can mean you accumulate stupid amounts of product samples which usually get shoved in a bag, drawer or box and forgotten about, until somehow you've managed hoard obsessive quantities of samples without even knowing when it happened.

Inspire by Hannah (Cosmetic Crave) I have vowed to myself to start making a dent in these samples because they need to go! After all I could end up discovering a new favourite in the process. You don't usually get much in samples and they vary in quality & quantity depending on who sent them, Origins always send AMAZING free samples of good sizes (see eyecream above) & Space NK will send you something you've never bought but always wanted to try, whilst magazines will provide you with an abundance of high street samples ready to be bought on impulse next time you hit the shops.

This is a product I've used before and to be honest it didn't really blow me away. It's been a long time since I used it though so it's great to have a sample to use in the hope of rekindling some kind of love. The first thing that hit me was the smell, like an old friend it reminded me of the days I used this daily - it smells of sweet almonds. It's a nice light moisturiser which sinks into the skin well but I can feel it slightly when I touch my face which I don't love. You get too much in the sample so its worthwhile decanting in to a pot for further use due to the style of packaging. It's not a 'wow' moisturizer so I wouldn't part with my money again and buy this.

This is a sample I have had for so long, it's probably out of date! I love these Anne Semonin mask samples as they come in handy pots with peel back lids, you can definitely get more than one use out of these samples and close by cling filming over the top for next time. I have horrendous skin at the moment so this was a welcome sample. The mask did help soothe the tightness and redness in the skin but it didn't do enough to have particularly noticeable results so I followed it up with a mud mask (probably should have gone the other way around but hey). The philosophy of Anne Semonin is that you can mix and match masks so I think this would be a good follow up for a stronger offering! Not sure I'd invest in this!

I got these primers with my Naked 3 kit and I really appreciated that as a gift because the lipgloss with Naked 2 is something I never wear. You probably realise that the reason this one is the last unopened of the four is because of the anti aging offering. Of course at twenty I don't need to use anti aging products but at the end of the day it's another primer and another sample! You get loads in these primer samples because you only need the tiniest amount, I haven't used up a full one yet! This would be great for the older generation but I prefer the original primer potion.

I love Origins so it's exciting to use a sample from them. I got loads of samples with an order I placed in the past including a 30ml High Potency Night-A-Mins cream which is a firm favourite. These eye cream samples are perfect because they are reusable and you get a good amount to really road test the product incase you fancy a new eye cream. I also received a Plantscription eye cream with SPF in which I used on holiday and I really love both of these products, really gentle and hydrating.

There'll be more samples coming up soon on my blog - if you guys fancy doing a post like this please let me know I'd be really interested to read it!

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