why it's okay if you can't twerk & you don't look like Kim K

Recently I’ve been chatting a number of different times with friends around the only things that people seem to be talking about these days in 2014 – selfies, twerking & how a girls figure ‘should be’.  Being twenty years old and part of the social media demographic these topics literally consume day to day life and I’m getting unbelievably bored of it, can we all talk about something else PLEASE?
Okay so if you can twerk you’re pretty talented and don’t get me wrong you look kinda hot, but do I really need to feel bad about myself if my ass aint huge and I can’t perfect a certain dance move? I find it frustrating that anything you read or wherever you are you aren’t far away from another conversation about twerking. I’m driving to work and they’re talking about twerking everyday on Radio 1, I’m reading the news and the headline is that [insert different celebrity name here] twerked (meanwhile huge conflicts are still going on in the middle east…which is frankly more important news). I’m scrolling on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and there’s countless videos of twerking and selfies of people’s asses and it’s tiring! Seriously! Hey, all women, I appreciate that you wanna do your thang & you got curves & you look good & you’re just having fun but maybe you want to step back and think – is this not quite a private thing!? Yes be proud of your body and enjoy yourself but does EVERYBODY want to see you gyrating on the floor & more importantly do you want everybody to see your ass gyrating on the floor? At the end of the day it’s such a sexually provocative dance (imo) and more often than not carried out whilst half naked. I understand that we should be able to enjoy ourselves and do what we like without gaining unwanted attention but imitating a sexual act in a dance and then wondering why you’re getting so much attention is surely not helping our case?
I know this is a pretty controversial topic, I understand that the dance has roots in certain cultures – that shouldn’t be anyone’s problem and it certainly isn’t mine. It’s just the increasing number of celebrities who are posting frankly pornographic videos of themselves engaging in the activity (im looking at you Nicole & you Nikki) which are going to be seen by young impressionable children who think that this is success? It’s okay to not have talent in the twerk department and not have junk in your trunk, most women don’t! At the end of the day twerking’s been around well before 2000’s and appears to have originated in strip clubs, so… that says it all really doesn’t it.
Which brings me onto the increasing number of thinspo, body inspo, ass inspo, whatever you want to call it, that’s all over at the moment. What about the people in the middle? Who the hell forgot about us! I have a normal figure, relatively small behind, relatively small breasts, not overweight, not incredibly toned but still healthy. I kind of feel like because I wasn’t naturally blessed with big thighs and an ass and a tiny waist, or on the oppsite end of the scale -a  thigh gap, I don’t count – I’m not hot, I’m not attractive anymore. But it’s just ridiculous to feel this way and I’m sure many women do, how in the world could anyone even strive to look like that? If you aren’t naturally born with it, you’re just not having it. Yes you can work out but that doesn’t mean you’ll ever be able to change your body shape. Being healthy and happy is all that is important. And to the men who are recently posting pictures of the ‘only good female figure’ DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. ALL BODY SHAPES ARE BEAUTIFUL.
I think this pop culture of selfies, twerking & body inspo will soon move on to something new, after all it wasn’t so huge in 2013 and I’m hoping it won’t be so huge in 2015 either. Nobody wants to feel inadequate because they don’t look as good as that other girl in their selfie, their ass isn’t big enough, they don’t know how to twerk, it’s just not right! I’m all for freedom and enjoyment but it’s getting tiresome.

**I feel like I have to include this after the somewhat nasty comments I received about my post earlier last month regarding peoples rude repsonses to piercings... I am obviously sharing my opinion here surrounding a contraversial topic, one which many people will probably not agree with, thats okay though because it's natural. I am not saying my opinion is RIGHT and I understand that many bloggers don't discuss topics like this because it's likely to be an unpopular opinion which may cause backlash. I expect some people with disagree and I think this is good and healthy as it promotes debate and discussion. Please do share your opinon with me on the subject if you have one, many people may not really care enough to have much of an opinion on the matter. Just know that I am not targetting anybody in particular or slating anybody's actions - do what you want to! Personally I like to share my opinon on topics which I feel should be discussed as it's my personal blog and surely I should be allowed to post what I like as long as it is not offensive or rude in any way which I never intend on being!**


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