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Lately with all of the travelling and trips I've been taking I've been unable to really spend money on anything expensive or luxury. It feels like a very long time since I bought anything (even though I've likely been buying little bits here and there) and I haven't hauled any clothes for a long time, even though an autumn wardrobe refresh is fast approaching. Unfortunately because I haven't really been able to purchase anything I haven't read a lot of blogs because I don't want to be tempted into impulse buying anything and that in turn means I haven't really found any inspiration or motivation for blogging myself so it's been a month since my last blog post. I have lots of ideas but I want to wait until I feel that drive again which I'm used to, until then here are the few things I did pick up this month!

It does seem strange starting a haul post stating how I have no spare money and haven't been shopping in a long time but I do occasionally nip into Superdrug or Boots to buy gifts/essentials and end up coming out with something, I just can't resist the deals!

I picked up the Bourjois Dark Kohl Mascara because it was fairly new and I'm a sucker for new highstreet releases that I haven't tried but also because I really like the packaging and as bloggers I think we all know that we can't resist a bit of good packaging. First impressions of this mascara though aren't great, it's not bad but it's not my favourite! I find the shape of the brush slightly difficult to use and I find myself reaching for my trusty Twist Up the Volume mascara from Bourjois!

Somehow Rimmel released a whole Matte Apocalips range without me knowing but as soon as I spotted it, I knew I needed to try just one... I could have bagged them all but conscious of my budget and my growing collection of very similar red/pink lipsticks I decided to opt for an orangey red because there's definitely a gap in my collection for that. So far, so good, it reminds me slightly of the Sleek version as it's a bit chalky but it isn't too matte and doesn't dry the lips out massively. It doesn't pack as much of a punch colour wise as I expected so it makes for a nice day time colour if you're trying to move away from nudes.

The Bourjois Happy Light concelear was a repurchase as it's my favourite highstreet concealer and I've used my other one to death. I highly recommend this as an affordable concealer option as it's creamy and high coverage.

Maybelline have also released a new line of Color Drama lip pencils and they are absolutely divine! I picked up an orangey red which is quite similar to the Apocalips shade I also bought. The pencils are so pigmented and velvetty, they feel so high end.

Finally I picked up a Duo Fibre brush which looks like Real Techniques but isn't, it's from Wilkinsons as they have launched a new brush range which is suspiciously similar to Real Techniques. It's a cheap range but isn't bad quality at all. It's a pretty good brush but I didn't like it for foundation application, I've tended to use it for blush or bronzer.

There's a couple of things I picked up on the highstreet this month, I'm sure I'll be back soon with another haul as I am going to London at the end on the month! 


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