the ugly side of beauty blogging

hi, remember me? 8 months is a long time huh? It's gone by so fast, I can't believe it's been that long since I last published anything here.

I regularly used to apologise for unexplained absences and it just wasn't necessary, so that's not what I'm aiming to achieve with this blog post I just wanted to talk through some things that I am sure many people will find familiar.

Blogging is amazing, whenever I'm looking for anything or considering buying something I will always google what I am after and add 'blog' to the end of my search as you get more real and honest results coming through. Being part of that world is great, it's supportive for the most part and oozes creativity. But it's also competitive, and sometimes all consuming. 

I LOVED blogging, I sucked all the fun from it. There's a phrase I see often on the internet about comparison being the thief of all joy and that couldn't be more apt. Spending all my time worrying about keeping up with a blogging schedule and coming up with interesting content whilst comparing and berating myself was exhausting. It's great to want to develop and better yourself but there was no need in all the pressure I was putting on myself. I'm not a career blogger, I don't even want to do this as a career, I have a pretty small audience and I started out blogging for me! Writing and photography is something I enjoy, along with travelling and all other girly things but I just lost that along the way and it became like a difficult part time job I wasn't getting paid for, didn't enjoy and nobody cared anyway.

There's been so many great things happening in my life that I've thought about sharing and blogging about but I was struggling with the reasons why. It's taken a break from the pressures of social media and learning to love myself and appreciate others are different in great ways to consider coming back to this.

I just wanted to say I am here and I hope you enjoy reading the content I produce but ultimately I'm going to blog for me, because I love to write and share beautiful things and experiences. So who cares if nobody reads it, cause I'm doing it for me.

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