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Here's the link to the title inspo, check it out, I've listened to it about 10000 times.

Wellllll..... I stepped out of my comfort zone, la boudoir, and ventured about one mile away, I know... I really pushed myself there. It was funny really, carrying my tripod and camera down the stony road in heeled boots. As I was setting up an elderly couple asked me what I was photographing, they were very cheery and friendly and I said 'well... myself actually.. huh hah yep just me' and they replied 'Oh we thought you might have been photographing a rare bird or something' but alas no I am no rarer than the common gull, they left me be then to get on and pout into the camera lens whilst dog walkers and weird boys in cars showed up every now and again - I think they were sent on purpose to make me feel like some kind of wannabe model, or alien, its a close call.

You're just not going to get those cute, quaint, stylish city shots most bloggers get where I live but I suppose the alternative isn't so bad and I'm happy with how these photos turned out; whichhhhh could explain why theres about ten thousand of me doing exactly the same thing from a different angle.

Anyway, I've just bought this AMAZING suede jacket from Pull & Bear as part of my autumn wardrobe transition. It's definitely a love/hate situation with this one - approximately 0% of the people I showed it to on ASOS when I was buying it said they liked it, my dad was just generally confused about the whole situation. BUT, I think once they see me trundling down the road in my suede jacket like I am returning from Woodstock circa 1969 they're gonna revisit their initial distaste. I'm totally digging this Monki handkerchief hem dress, its like... long, floaty but almost acceptable and I am down for wearing anything thats like wearing your PJ's all day and getting away with it.

"I think they were sent on purpose to make me feel like some kind of wannabe model, or alien, its a close call."

I'm planning on doing a post soon to discuss the transitional pieces I've bought recently in the move to autumn which it pretty much already is... lets be honest. I can predict a 90s/70s trend up and coming and I am not really one to go for the 90s trend because I feel like I can remember it the first time (ok I sound antique coming out with that one), so I'll stick to 70s which means lots of warm colours and suede, of course, since I've already coveted 3 or 4 suede pieces I'll be okay. Suede is a tricky one and doesn't like getting wet though, it especially doesn't like it when you fall over carrying your cats bowl of cat food and cover yourself in it....


  1. I'm in love with your dress, you've styled it so well and it looks so effortless but together!

    love, lissy @

  2. That third photo of you is absolutely stunning! x


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