I might start taking photographs of every outfit I wear. I put this outfit on and looked in the mirror and thought that it looked fine but on the photos here I'm not convinced. I took these photos on one of the beaches local to me and saw the most beautiful violet sunset. It's too easy to take whats around you for granted and lust after greener pastures but sometimes its worth pausing and taking in what is around you and appreciating it for all of its beauty. This night was definitely one of these moments.

I take self portraits with a tripod and remote usually on my own, so its sometimes really nice to have this creative outlet and alone time to look at my surroundings differently in search of somewhere beautiful and appreciating the light which seems to be so beautiful this week. You wouldn't think it was October. I might start playing some music when I do this, since every single one of my post titles is inspired by the music I love at the time.

Lyrics in songs tend to stand out to me, there is often a couple of lines in song which I will really connect with and it'll lead me to listening to the song and all of its lyrics again with a different mindset. Sometimes song lyrics can be like horoscopes - you take what you want from them, they're open to interpretation and you can hear a message that is completely different to what the writer intended, thats what I like about them. I love how it feels when you hear a song and you feel like it couldn't of described how you feel in a moment any better.

Redshift is one of my favourites from Darwin Deez, I love that with Deez, often he's trying to portray a real feeling but by using interesting metaphors to get it across and thats intelligent to me! Perhaps he intends them to be literal, but thats not how I interpret them.

I love Redshift because being young, we come across some many new people in our life and we experience things at such a fast pace, with our surroundings and peers changing often along with new stages of your life and for me, even though the song is about romantic relationships, I feel like it just so accurately represents how I feel when I think about all the people who've passed through my life and changed it in some way only to be no longer a part of it, yet still somehow a part of me. I know that its just a part of growing up and its natural but its something I don't think you come to terms with until now.


  1. Beautiful skirt!

  2. Thank you so much for leaving me your blog link, you have such a gorgeous blog and I love how you've combined music into it. Love your outfit and photography too, can't believe you take your photos yourself on a tripod, I really need to master those skills! x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

    1. Thank you, this comment means a lot to me!

      Cant wait to check out your blog.

      J x

  3. I love that you take these pictures yourself!! They are beautiful!!

    I love you outfit! It looks great!


  4. First grey suede skirt I've ever seen! Looks so fab on you, stunning photos too! X

    Bomber jacket lovin' over on -

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  9. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!




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