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Lets play a game of guess the famous tourist location...

We spent New Year away from home this year as I find the hype insufferable and I just wanted to get away from it all and surround myself with strangers, I know, I'm a horrible person... but seriously what is with the pressure to have the best NYE of your life each year? I have a post coming up about our break in full because it was amazing and really worth the trip, plus is such a picturesque place.

With the weather being so bad lately and trying to juggle life, a full time job and a part time degree I thought it was long overdue that I dust off the ole Canon and get snapping. Seriously, how do people blog full time and work full time, it is beyond me - hats off to y'all.

So.... for Christmas, my - not so secret - Santa bought me an array of amazing gifts. I always like friend gifts (yes I have realised I'm talking Christmas and New Year and there's already easter eggs in the shops) because you get the things you reaaaaally love because they know you so well, I was not disappointed. One of my gifts was a little known book by Alexa Chung, have you heard of it? It's called IT.. ok, ok, I confess I haven't owned it before now but oh my god am I in love? yes. The book had me rethinking my whole approach to life! I know its not meant to be that serious but I am easily inspired and I get carried away haha.. so I've decided to approach fashion differently and dress for my shape more, we'll see how that one goes. Basically what I'm saying is that I bought some trousers because I really just want to BE Alexa Chung and here they are in all of their glory. I must confess I did throw this outfit on, on New Years Day because it was cold and slightly damp and I had run out of options so it's a bit of an array of colours but to be fair I don't think myself much good at putting clothes together anyway so we'll call it an attempt.

I've also recently come to realise the importance of shoes. Good shoes. My feet are ruined at 21 from my years of wearing ill fitting and poor quality shoes and I have bunions left right and centre, disgusting I know. I've probably had more blisters than anyone - I'd put money on it. These brogues from Hobbs however are just to die for. They took a bit of softening but now they are just buttery soft leather that fit so comfortably with a great quality sole and they look nice, I just like them a lot. However they are starting to get a little tired looking and so I spent most of my time away looking for some new, good quality shoes for my poor feet and I did struggle but I complained enough times that I think Jake gave in just to stop hearing about my feet and shoes and their importance that he treat me to some shiny new Hobbs brogues which are BRONZE. Honestly, they're unreal. AND, they go with everything. Win.

As for the title of the post, it's what I'm calling one of the best songs EVER, I'm adding it below and I suggest you  listen to it immediately. On Saturday we went to see Slaves at the Ritz in Manchester and it was genuinely up there with one of the best gigs I've ever been to, although I'm not quite sure anybody could knock Justice from the top spot. Seriously though... they entered stage to Vengaboys (!!!), I mean COME ON! They're cool af (and they'd probably hate that I made that statement).

Also if you didn't guess, and please, feel free to be mighty ashamed if you didn't since it's all over the shop signs, these lovely streets are the infamous Shambles of York.


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