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Hello, howdy, how ya doing! 

Thanks for stopping by, sorry if you were bored or offended, I can imagine that being the reaction. If your first question, when you stumbled upon this small blog here, was what the hell does Je m'apparel mean, well, you've come to the right place I shall tell you... it means nothing, sorry folks. Back in two thousand and whenever when I decided to start taking pictures of myself like anybody gave a shit I needed a blog name and I thought I was so clever creating this french play on words that nobody can spell or remember but alas I am stuck with it - I don't hate it its just not the most practical of blog names.

Incase you hadn't guessed my name is Jayde Riley and I am a 21 year old on the journey that we call life! I write this blog because I like sometimes to think I look alright, although most would beg to differ, but mainly cause I like to write and share music and travel and photography. 

Last year I decided to take a break from blogging because of the pressures I put on myself in trying to atain the same standards as career bloggers. Well, I missed it and I came back refreshed and self esteem in tact, just. So now, I blog for me and not for anybody else, of course if you are here reading this then hello, I appreciate you, please stay. 

So with all that boring stuff out of the way here are ten some facts about me, because this page is called 'About Me' and so far its about not much.

I am 5 ft 8 (this is optimistic).

I am studying Mechanical Engineering Beng Hons.

I really like song lyrics, like REALLY. When I deleted my twitter (personal one) I despaired slightly as I thought where will I relay the amazing lyrics that jump out to me from songs, but fear none because I transferred this process to tumblr (just search jemapparel, and I will pop up everywhere!).

This blog used to primarily be a beauty blog - even though it still features some, I don't wear make up 80% of the time because I am sooooo lazy and can't see the value in getting up earlier to put it on, even though... I do spend all that money on it.

10 Things I Hate About You and Like Crazy are some of my favourite films.

I like cheese. But, not blue cheese, no thanks.

I've kind of gotten stuck with this one, I think I will return once I develop a more interesting personality!


HayleySarah said...

Just found your blog, really enjoying it :)

Slice Of Wonder said...

Hi, just discovered your blog too! I too share your fear of butterflies and moths, they are horrrrrible. Really loving your blog, keep it up! :) xx

Haley said...

I was really enjoying your blog until I read your about me and saw that you are also absolutely terrified of butterflies and decided that I LOVE your blog. Can't wait to read more of your posts!!

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