Benefit High Street Dupes!!

Benefit High Beam - £18.50
Technic 'High Lights' Available from body care - £1.99

Top - Benefit
Bottom - Technic

Benefit High Beam
Technic High Lights

Hello girls! Today I want to talk to you about two products I currently have in my make up bag - Benefit High Beam and Technic High Lights. I'm sure most of you have heard of Benefit High Beam, a liquid highlighter that comes in at around £18.50 in most stores. Here in the photo I have a small sample size bottle of High Beam which came in a gift set I got last Christmas, the full size bottle is 13ml. Benefit describes high beam as a 'luminescent complexion enhancer', it has a pink hue and can be used to highlight cheekbones, brow bones and the cupids bow. My experience with this highlighter is that it's a really nice tone and highlights well on the skin, but you must watch how you apply this as it can take off any foundation/powder and leave your face patchy, so the best method I have found is to pat this highlighter in. The consistency of High Beam is nice, it's not too runny, it's almost bordering on creamy so it goes onto the skin well. 

When I was in my local Body Care, a few months after I got High Beam, I spotted High Lights by Technic and thought for £1.99 I may as well check this product out! I've used both highlighters - High Beam and High Lights and can say although there are differences between the two, if you're not wanting to splash out, it's worth buying High Lights as it's still a decent highlighter.

Firstly, let's take a look at the applicators, both highlighters use a brush applicator similar to a nail varnish brush. The applicator brush on my sample size High Beam is more like a make up brush rather than a nail varnish brush but I've had a look at the full size product and I think the applicators of High Lights and High Beam are pretty much the same. In terms of consistency, High Beam is thicker than High Lights - which is a bit thinner - but that means a little goes a long way with High Lights. If you take a look at the above swatches, both colours are almost identical with High Lights been slightly pinker but that's nothing to worry about, it's still a good colour when applied onto the face. Ok so is High Lights exactly the same as the top seller High Beam? No, if you look at the products applied to the face, you can see that only a little bit of High Beam has a huge effect, it's very luminescent and light reflecting and looks great, where as when you use the same amount of High Lights the highlighting effect is lessened yet it is build-able so you can choose how 'highlighted' you want your cheek bones to look.

In terms of value for money if you want to splash out for this top selling product, it is a great highlighter, however High Lights is also a good highlighter which is almost identical in colour to High Beam and costs £1.99 for nearly the same amount - so now my High Beam's nearly run out, I know I'll definitely be waiting until my High Lights also runs out before I rush to the Benefit counter. This product is great for £1.99 - a little gem hiding where you'd least expect it.


  1. Great dupe! High Beam is so expensive, I love it but just don't think I can afford to repurchase. The Technic one is really affordable, and MeMeMe do something similar which also looks great :) x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. High Beam is good! This is definitely a great alternative if your looking to save some money!

  2. That dupe looks so nice. I really wanna get one now! High Beam is so expensive :)

    1. You can get it on Amazon too if you want it, it's around £2.50 on there!

  3. definitely in need of a good highlighter! Lovely post. x

  4. Oooh i've just run out og high beam and been stressing about replacing it.
    This deffo seems like a good option.
    Thanks for the heads up!

    p.s I tagged you in my Leibster Blog Award Post. It's just a little fun activity and a great way of connecting with other blogs!

    1. Thanks for your post! I've just done a Liebster blog post but thanks very much for tagging me in it! I'll still come over to your blog and have a read through yours and check out the other blogs you've tagged! :)

  5. It does doesn't it, it's not that shiny on the face, guess it was the flash, which proves it shimmers when it hits the light, but they're both rather good!
    I will check it out now, awww thanks very much!!

  6. I love Benefit High beam it gives u a natural glow
    I'll give a try


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