Last Thursday I hopped on the train to Preston with Hannah from Cosmetic Crave as we were headed for the Body Shop Christmas event, this was exclusive to Preston as it had been organised by the girls of the Preston store themselves. It was nice to go somewhere pre-Christmas to have a nosy at the Christmas gifts and get in the festive spirit. Funnily enough I don't own many Body Shop products at all as they usually don't catch my attention so I was glad to raise my own awareness of The Body Shop and what they have to offer. We were given 4 sample pots and chose which ever product we liked to fill them with, I picked a Mango shower gel and the Chocolate scrub as two of my samples, I used them this morning and I love them - looks like I may be converted after all.... I found that like other stores such as Lush and Boots, The Body Shop stock many prepackaged Christmas gifts, all of which I thought would make great gifts for any member of the family - including the men! I especially liked the Smoky Rose White Musk sets as I think it's such a nice scent and the packaging is gorgeous.

Hannah and I were quite taken by all their make-up as I think The Body Shop is a brand we had both never tried before make up wise. I thought some of their products looked as if they could rival some high end products such as the Baked to Last Eye colours which reminded me of the MAC mineralise range and also their Body Oil which looks suspiciously similar to the Nuxe offering. Although I said I had not a penny to spend I ended up caving due to the 40% discount and opted for a 3 step eye kit as the colours were too beautiful to pass up, you can read my initial thoughts and view the kit/swatches below.

After some hard thinking I ended up chosing the Sugar Plum 3 step eye kit as I definitely have room for some gorgeous smokey purple eyeshadows in my life - after swatching a few on my fingers and thinking they felt like the most ridiculously soft eyeshadows I had ever felt I was sold. These Shimmer Cubes seem like they've been around an absolute age - I remember when everyones parents were having Body Shop parties left right and centre and my mum used to come away with these Shimmer Cubes. 

In the kit you get an eyeshadow brush, the Shimmer Cube, an eyeliner and a mascara all for £12 (after 40% discount). These are usually £20 which is still an absolute bargain for the amount of product you get in the kit. On the night I was being pretty sulky because I wanted a plum or a brown liner but settled for the black as I liked these shadows way to much to pass them up over an eyeliner colour - when I got on the train and opened the kit I had a purple eyeliner anyway, happy days!

I haven't had chance to use the products yet but I was so excited to share such wonderful colours at great prices with you before Christmas that I thought I'd write an initial post, I'm planning on doing a look with these in the very near future so keep you eyes peeled! I've swatched the shadows in the pictures below and in my opinion they're very Naked 2/Naked 3. You can buy the kits and view the tutorials here -

What do you think of these sets? Do you buy from The Body Shop? Do you like any of their Make Up range?


  1. Aw such a lovely post Jayde :) It was great to meet you! Have you tried using the shimmer cubes with a damp eyeshadow brush? It creates a really creamy, shimmery look with more intense colour, I always use them dry for a daytime look then vamp it up at night x

  2. Hi! I would totally buy this set! The colours look so beautiful ... specially the one that looks like some kind of rose gold :)

  3. Ooh this looks like such a fun event! I love the pack you picked up, the colours are beautiful xxxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  4. The body shop makeup is actually quite nice. I have an eyeshadow palette and it's nicely pigmented.

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