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festival outfits inspiration 2015
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benicassim festival review
benicassim festival review 2015

Benicassim Festival happens every year in Spain in a small town called, would you have guessed it, Benicassim, original huh. Benicassim is a town near Valencia and is absolutely gorgeous, I think it would be a lovely place to visit outside of the festival week because its not a touristy place what so ever and I think you would get the chance to experience a more rural spain whilst still having a few tourist comforts which have developed as a result of the annual festival.

If you read last years post then you'll this was my third year at the festival because the atmosphere just does not disappoint. This year we decided to splurge slightly and rent a bell tent on site which I would 100% recommend as your still so close to the festival but you have much more room and an actual bed to sleep on. The cost of these bell tents is around €400 per week and can sleep up to six, sharing between four meant the cost was €100 each and we could use this option to save on baggage, accommodation and taxi fare so its definitely worth it.

Unfortunately, whilst getting used to my new Macbook and the iOS I managed to delete ALL my photos from the hard drive without knowing what I was doing before it was too late as they were still showing up in my photo stream, I am in the process of attempting recovery!! The photos in the post are some I luckily edited and uploaded to Facebook before the dreaded delete so theres not a huge variety but at least you can get a feel of the beauty of the beach and the festival!

This year highlights of the festival included the wonderful Florence and the Machine who obviously put on an unforgettable show for everybody - she's so energetic and her voice is outstanding, I would recommend seeing her on tour! Also Jamie T, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Madeon were great! My personal favourites were Darwin Deez who just never disappoint, even my friends who didn't know them really enjoyed it, theres so fun with their between song dance routines and audience engagement, definitely a must see if you can.

I filmed a vlog whilst out there which you can see below so you can get a feel of the festival and the acts, its a great option if you want a holiday and festival all in one on a budget as its definitely doable. Tickets are currently on sale at the bargain price of €100 for 4 days festival and 8 days camping!

You can see what I wore at Benicassim festival in this Lookbook here.

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