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Recently I've come to notice I often reach for one of three cleansers over any of the others I own depending on what my skin needs and whether its morning or night. I thought I would start a 3 things series where I will feature three of my favourite products within a selected category and (hopefully) they will be from budget to highend so some affordable products in there too.

I got this product when I bought the NSPA Beauty Box for £10 when I was in ASDA and although I don't use two of the products from the Box the two cleansers, the Melting Cleansing Gel and the Hot Cloth Polish, are amazing and I hold them up there with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in terms of what cleanser I'm chosing as I enjoy using them and their results just as much as I like the balm, even though they are completely different products.

The Melting Cleansing Gel is a gel which turns into a milk onto the face and feels quite oily, I massage it in then remove with a hot flannel. The Gel removes make up effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling clean with no tightness in sight. 

So whilst looking for a link to this, I can't find one anywhere, it seems it's been discontinued by Soap & Glory as they've given all their skincare a rebrand and introduced new products. I can see they still sell a hot cloth cleanser and it appears to contain the same essential oils so maybe thats similar, however I haven't tried it so I can't comment. 

This hot cloth cleanser got a so-so review from me back when I first used it but since then I've really grown to love it, I like the packaging and the smell of the cleanser is absolutely divine, I find the lavendar and all of the essential oils so relaxing, great before bed! It's very creamy and massages into the skin nicely, it leaves the skin feeling clean and so soft once removed. I think the Soap & Glory and the NSPA Hot Cloth Polishes are great alternatives for the popular Liz Earl offering.

Ah the infamous Emma Hardie balm. This balm really does live up to it's hype, it smells beautiful and massages into the skin perfectly melting away make up effortlessly. I find this balm helps to maintain a good balance of oil in my skin as it hydrates whilst cleansing. At £34 it's certainly not cheap however my pot has lasted me a lifetime, it's just running out now and I'll definitely be repurchasing! My only gripe? The packaging. The lid came cracked and damaged and promptly fell off, now I get the gold coating all over my skin and fingers when I use it!

What do you think of these cleansers? What are your favourites? 

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