May Empties

I always forget to hang on to my empties for a blog post but this month they seem to have all accumulated at once, I've finished a nice few items to give my verdict on without doing a full review yet. I like empties posts as I love to know whether a blogger thinks a product is worthy of a repurchase, so without further ado....

Lush H'SUAN WEN HUA Hair Treatment £8.95
What is with the name of this product? I have no idea how to pronounce it, why is it even named this? Never mind the name, a product could have the worst name in history but if its good who cares? I love Lush products - as a vegetarian its nice to see the Vegetarian  Stamp on the side of the product and to know this is full of great natural ingredients. This is the only Lush hair mask I have tried but it is my second pot as I love it as it leaves my hair so soft and super shiny. I will be repurchasing this mask over and over as it is an affordable price for a product packed with fantastic natural ingredients such as olive oil and garlic - which is why the smell is so potent.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Fresh £1.48 
For a dry shampoo my go to brand has always been Batiste, it's an affordable and effective product with a huge choice of different scents, I know there are many other dry shampoos out there but this product does its job. I usually use the Brunette ones to avoid grey looking roots however I don't like that they're more expensive. This is a great product for in between washes but if your hair is dark like mine you have to spend some time working it in to ensure that the roots arent left with a greyish look to them. The fresh scent is really nice but I tend to just pick up whatever I'm feeling on the day, the XXL volume one has taken my fancy recently. This is a product I'll purchase over and over again and think that dry shampoo is a must have for everybody.

Redken All Soft Velvet Whip (Discontinued)
This product has been sat on my shelve for a long while - I did like it but I often used other things in its place so it took me a long time to make my way through the bottle. This is a thermal softening treatment which comes out like a stiff white cream and is applied to damp hair before drying. I love thermal protectors and this did leave my hair soft however I like to use volumising products and argan oil in my routine so I wouldn't be in a hurry to repurchase this product - it has been discontinued anyway.

VO5 Dry Texturising Spray £3.49
Wow I purchased this with lots of other products in boots and I didn't realise how cheap it was. When this ran out I was really disappointed and I keep meaning to go and pick it up again! This is a spray which you use to style the hair once it is dry, I really liked the spray as it felt very dry so it didn't look over-styled or sticky. At first I didn't think this product was doing anything for my hair but it does provide really nice natural texture, my only issue is that it seems to run out very quickly. 

Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micelle Solution £9.99
I ordered this from eBay when it was unavailable in the UK and you can actually get 250ml cheaper for about £7.99 or so if you're looking to purchase some. This is a micelle solution that I'm sure everybody has heard of, it has the appearance, smell and texture of water but easily melts away and removes stubborn eye and lip make up. I really love to use this to remove my eye make up before cleansing and sometimes after to avoid the 'panda eye' look. I feel a bit lost without this now it has run out as it's my go to product and a staple part of my routine. If I'm feeling a little lazy I sometimes just wipe some of this over my face using a cotton pad. I will 100% be repurchasing this again.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment £7.99
I liked this treatment as it left the hair soft and I think it did grow a little bit. It didn't last very long as you are recommended to use a 'egg' sized amount on the hair and the tub is quite small. I love the smell of this as it smells so nice and conditioning like the hairdressers! I was going to repurchase this but I kept getting put off by the price and I don't know why! I've ended up purchasing the Argan Oil Mask which is lovely.

So these are my empties this month which are a mixture of high street/drug store with some more expensive brands. I hope this helps if you were thinking of purchasing anything new. It takes a while for me to use products but I'll make every effort to keep hold of my empties and hopefully have an empties post every month!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I just ordered some Bioderma off ebay as well. Hoping I find it as great as everyone is saying it is because that was quite expensive! x

  2. Great post, you've put in so much work and effort into this post. Well done, it's really good!

    It would be amazing if you could visit my blog and check out my new post :)

  3. I love this texturising spray - it's a firm favourite of mine :) lovely blog honey - now following you! X


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