Nails of the Month

'A month!?' I hear you cry. Yes, one month - this is because I've gone from painting my nails myself to getting acrylics with a gel polish finish. My nails are so weak and brittle and I can't stand them being all different lengths, I just feel better getting them done professionally so they're acrylic extensions all the time. As you can see this month I've opted for a more natural shape which I absolutely LOVE and a gorgeous neon orange with a white accent nail. This Gelish orange is absolutely the perfect shade for summer, I can't wait to pair it with a tan on holiday to make it pop. 

Obviously I don't do these myself but the Nail Technician, Donna, is great and helps me decide everytime I go in as I'm so indecisive. I can paint over these and remove the colour with acetone free nail polish remover, but because I've opted for such a bold colour - it will only cover with dark, opaque polishes - I love them too much to paint over them anyway. These are the perfect nails to make a boring outfit pop and they compliment gold jewelry so well.


  1. Absolutely love this look! Mixing brights with neutrals is a favourite of my and I love the tip of your ring finger <3

  2. I love these! I've never thought of doing French on the ring finger matching the full colour from the rest, they look gorg. :) Xx

  3. Oooh those look so pretty. My nails always irritate me when they are even the slightest bit long, but I wish it didn't because they look soooo good like this! xx

  4. Love the colour!

    Katie xx

  5. You're nails are such a nice shape, your're so lucky! I love the colour too!
    Becky xoxo

  6. i absolutely love these nails! The colour is stunning! I have a soft spot for oranges!


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