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Amazing Face Cleansing Balm 100ml - £34.00
This cleansing balm by Emma Hardie recent indulgence of mine after watching Caroline Hirons talk skincare on Body Talk with the Pixi Woo girls. This year I've been using mainly oil based cleansers such as DHC Cleansing Oil and Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil but I hadn't considered using a balm until Caroline mentioned this one as her go to and advised balms were better for massaging into the face to get a deep cleanse.

The first thing that hits you when you open this gorgeous little tub is the smell, at first I didn't like it as its rather potent but now I find the orangey scent therapeutic and relaxing. I have literally used hardly any of this as I have been swiping the balm from the surface rather than scooping out and then mixing with warm water as instructed to make a milk. I find it much easier to make a milk with this balm than I did with the Nude Cleansing Oil. I then massage the milk into the face and remove with a flannel - should you buy the cleansing system with the Rosehip seeds you will get a free Emma Hardie expert face cloth. I bought this balm alone from Space NK so I didn't get a face cloth and it looks slightly different to the packaging in the set but it is the same product. 

This is so gentle on the face and breaks down make up and grime effortlessly leaving the face incredibly soft and clean without that tight or stripping sensation. My skin is combination and dehydrated and it's a constant struggle recently but this is really soothing on the skin. My skin has slowly been improving over the two weeks I have been using it but as my hormones and stress levels are up and down, the spots are a little relentless at the moment and theres not much any product can do to prevent that however the spots have been disappearing much faster. This balm can actually also be used on dried elbows, knees or lips but I haven't used it to soothe these. I have used it as a soothing mask and it really is so soothing and therapeutic!

This product feels like the ultimate luxury for me and at £34 it is around the top end of my budget for cleansers - however I can predict this balm will last me a very very long time so in the long run, it's not all that expensive. I will definitely be repurchasing this balm over and over until something else intrigues me. 

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