A Weekend in Amsterdam

It was my birthday on Saturday 4th May, another year gone already? Being 19 is a little boring - there's nothing I can do now that I couldn't do last week, I guess 18 is so hyped up that your 19th birthday is sort of an anitclimax - sorry to those turning 19 soon. 

Saying all of that - I had an amazing, completely chilled and relaxed birthday as I spent the weekend in Amsterdam with Andy. We headed down to Manchester after work on Wednesday and spent the night in an airport hotel then 4am Thursday morning headed to the airport and boarded our 6:30am flight - I had to being dragged away from the MAC duty free counter by the other half - no make up shopping on this holiday!

The weather was glorious in Amsterdam and we spent 4 whole days in the city before we headed back late Sunday night. During this time I managed to do a spot of shopping in H&M and snagged a bikini from the H&M for water campaign - bonus since I've seen Beyonce wearing this as she's the new face for H&M's summer range. 

During our time in Amsterdam we wandered down many many canals, walked through the Red Light District, visited Royal Artis Zoo, explored Anne Frank's house, had a tour of Amsterdam's Dungeons (where I was utterly creeped out by the actress who kept sniffing me...), went on a canal boat and indulged in countless meals, pancakes, waffles, macaroons and slices of pizza which can be found on most streets.

Amsterdam was a great place to visit and we had a perfect weekend, the chilled atmosphere mixed with the 20 degree heat and beautiful scenery meant it was a beautiful break away. I'd recommend Amsterdam to anyone as there's plenty to see and of course it's very diverse with its relaxed policies and many ethnicity's  If you were to visit I think Andy and I would both insist you visit Wynand Fockinks for a spot of traditional Jenever served in a cute tulip glass - a traditional gem we found in an alleyway and visited everyday coming away rather tipsy each time. 

It seemed that we coincidentally chose a good weekend to get away to Amsterdam since the 4th May was a Remembrance Day for World War II where Dam Square filled with tens of thousands of people for a two minutes silence with the Royals in attendance, the Queen had just abdicated and Ajax won the league 5-0 on the Sunday so football fans were out in force to watch the game and celebrating on every corner.

Whilst in Amsterdam I filmed a vlog and I hope this encourages you to hop on a flight and jet away to Amsterdam if you're considering a break away, also this is the perfect way for Andy and I to reminisce on our weekend away and share with family and friends. I couldn't have put it together without Andy who willfully obliged every time I said 'we have to film today!!' and had a camera pointed in his face at every opportunity - also his ear for music and his perfectionism when it came to matching the clips with the beats... 

I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend! 


  1. Happy late birthday!!! 19 is kind of pointless. Your trip sounds amazing! You should read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. They take a trip to Amsterdam and go to Anne Frank's house (I did a review of it on my blog, coincidentally) so you could relate!! I definitely want to go Amsterdam now!! :)

  2. Happy bday! I just turned 19 too! So jealous of you going to Amsterdam, I really want to go there in the Summer! Great post!

    Feel free to check out my blog :)



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